Awards Received by Graduates of HEA Institutions


Higher Education Authority (HEA)

Key information

Undergraduate certificates and diplomas, primary degrees, postgraduate certificates and diplomas, masters degrees, PhD degrees. The statistics are classified by sex, full-time/part-time, institution, field of study, and class of award. Links


Annual statistical returns by HEA institutions to the HEA.


Awards by the following HEA-funded institutions: the universities, institutes of technology, St Patrick's College, Mary Immaculate College, National College of Art and Design, Royal College of Surgeons Ireland, Mater Dei Institute, St. Angelas College Sligo.



Reference period

Academic year

Start date



Two years after the end of the reference period


  • Third level institution
    UCD; UCC NUI Galway; TCD; NUI Maynooth; DCU; St Patrick's College; University of Limerick; Mary Immaculate College; National College of Art and Design; Royal College of Surgeons; Mater Dei Institute.
  • Field of study
    Over 100 separate fields of study are distinguished, grouped into 10 broad categories: General programmes; Education science; Humanities and arts; Social sciences, business and law; Science; Engineering, manufacturing and construction; Agriculture; Health and welfare; Services; Combined.
  • Class of award
    1st class honours; 2nd class honours grade 1; 2nd class honours grade 2; 2nd class honours; 3rd class honours; Other honours; Pass; Unclassified; Merit 1; Merit 2; Distinction; Credit; Recommended.


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