Payment and Securities Settlement Systems


Central Bank of Ireland

Key information

The number and value of transactions for the main payment and securities settlement systems, settlement media, banknotes and coins, payment cards, payment and terminal transactions, interbank fund transfer systems, trading platforms and clearing houses and central securities depositories.


European Central Bank.


The main payment and securities settlement systems.



Reference period

Calendar year

Start date



12 months after the end of the reference year


  • Settlement media
    Currency in circulation outside MFIs; Value of overnight deposits held by non-MFIs; Narrow money supply (M1); Overnight deposits in foreign currencies held by non-MFIs; Outstanding value on e-money storages issued; On card-based e-money schemes; On software-based e-money schemes; Overnight deposits held at the central bank; Overnight deposits held at other credit institutions (end of period); Non-intraday borrowing from the central bank; Intraday borrowing from the central bank.
  • Institutions
    Central bank; Credit institutions irrespective of their legal incorporation; Credit institutions legally incorporated in the reporting country; Branches of euro area-based credit institutions; Branches of EEA-based credit institutions (outside the euro area); Branches of non-EEA-based banks; Other institutions offering payment services to non-MFIs; Institutions offering payment services to non-MFIs (total); Electronic money institutions.
  • Payment card function
    Cash; Debit; Delayed debit; Credit; Debit and/or delayed debit; Credit and/or delayed debit; e-money; Combined debit, cash and e-money.
  • Terminals
    ATMs; ATMs with a cash withdrawal function; ATMs with a credit transfer function; POS terminals; EFTPOS terminals; E-money card terminals; E-money card-loading, unloading terminals; E-money card-accepting terminals.
  • Payment Instrument
    Paper-based; Non-paper-based; Direct debits; Debit and credit cards; Cheques; ATMs; POS; Outside or Inside the country and other detailed breakdowns of the transaction type.


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