Non-fatal Workplace Injuries


Health and Safety Authority (HSA)

Key information

Number and rates of injuries, illnesses, absence from work, by sex, age, economic sector, occupation, employment status, nationality, accident trigger, injury type, illness type, body part, work environment, size of organisation and region.



Injuries reported to the HSA; CSO Quarterly National Household Survey; Occupational Injury Benefit Claims from the Department of Social and Family Affairs; Eurostat.


Work related accidents, injuries and illness.



Reference period

Calendar year

Start date



Typically 2 years after the end of the reference year


  • Economic sector (NACE Revision 2)
    Agriculture, forestry, fishing; Other production industries; Construction; Wholesale and retail; Hotels and restaurants; Transport, storage and communication; Financial and other services; Public administration and defence; Education; Health; Other services.
  • Occupation (ISCO)
    Based on the International Standard Classification of Occupations maintained by the International Labour Organization.
  • Employment status
    Employee; Self-employed; Trainee; Non-worker; Family worker; Member of public.
  • Nationality
    Irish; Other EU; Non-EU.
  • Accident trigger
    Manual handling; Slips, trips, falls; Other movement by injured person; Fall, collapse, breakage of material; Shock, fright, violence of others; Fall from height; Loss of control of handtool; Loss of control of object; Loss of control of machine; Loss of control of road traffic transport; Loss of control of transport, handling equipment; Loss of control of animal; Fire; Overflow, leakage, emission of liquid; Overflow, leakage, emission of smoke; Overflow, leakage, emission of gas; Overflow, leakage, emission of solid material; Entered inappropriate area; Electric failure; Explosion.
  • Injury type
    Sprain, strain; Bruising, grazes, bites; Closed fracture; Open wounds; Internal injuries; Dislocation; Open fracture; Infection; Amputation; Poisoning.
  • Illness category
    Bone, joint or muscle; Breathing, lungs; Skin; Hearing problem; Stress, depression, anxiety; Headache, eyestrain; Heart; Infectious disease.
  • Body part injured
    Back; Finger; Leg; Hand; Ankle; Shoulder; Arm; Foot; Wrist; Head; Neck; Eye; Chest; Face; Hip; Pelvic/abdominal area; Ear; Toe; Teeth.
  • Work environment
    Factory, industrial site, warehouse; Construction site, opencast, quarry, mine; Office, school, shop, restaurant, hotel, etc; Transport-related area or road; Health-care establishment; Private home or related area; Farm, fish farm, forest, park; In the air; Sports area; Underground; On/over water.
  • Enterprise size
    1-9 employees; 10-49; 50-249; 250-499; 500+ employees.
  • Region (NUTS3)
    Border; Dublin; Mid-East; Midland; Mid-West; South-East; South-West; West.
  • Age
    0-17 years; 18-24; 25-34; 35-44; 45-54; 55-64; 65+ years; Age unknown.


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