Waste Management


Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

Key information

Municipal waste generation, disposal and recovery, destination of recyclable waste, waste recycled in Ireland and abroad, exports and imports of waste, composition of household and commercial waste, kerbside collection. Also included are details of packaging waste, notified exports, landfills, and construction & demolition waste.


EPA and local authorities waste management reporting.


All waste management activities.



Reference period

Calendar year

Start date



Typically 12 months after the end of the reference period


  • Material
    Wood; Glass; WEEE (waste electrical and electronic equipment); Paper and cardboard; Plastic; Ferrous metals; Aluminium; Other metals; Textiles; Organics.
  • County or City
    The 34 administrative counties.
  • Kerbside collection
    Mixed/residual waste collection by local authority; Mixed/residual waste collection by private operators; Separate waste collection by local authority; Separate waste collection by private operators.
  • Notified waste exports
    Hazardous waste (Solvents; Equipment; Batteries; Sludges; Chemical waste; Acid and alkali; Asbestos; etc); Contaminated soil; Non-hazardous waste (Municipal waste, dry recyclables & EWC 191212; Meat and bone meal and animal by-products; etc);
  • Fate of notified exports
    Incineration; Landfill; Reuse as fuel; Solvent recovery; Organic material recovery; Metal recovery; Inorganic material recovery.
  • Household waste
    Mixed residual collection (Black bins); Separate kerbside collection of mixed dry recyclables (Green bins); Separate kerbside collection of food and garden waste (Brown bins); Household waste delivered directly to landfill face by householders; Uncollected household waste; Estimate of home composting; Household waste brought to bring banks; Household waste brought to civic amenity sites.


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