Health Expenditure


Department of Health

Key information

Public non-capital expenditure, capital expenditure, estimated overall health expenditure by programme, services and agency. Also the source of funds and private expenditure on health.


Department of Health and Children and other public agencies financial records, European Social Fund, National Lottery and DSFA Treatment Benefit financial records, Health Insurance schemes estimates and CSO estimates of household expenditure on medical goods and services.


All health expenditure both public and private.


Every 3 years

Reference period

Calendar year

Start date

1994, with some details from 1980 or 1986


Typically 1 year from latest reference year


  • Non-capital programme
    Community protection; Community health services; Community welfare; Mental health; Disability; General hospital; General support; Income; with further breakdown by services within each programme.
  • Sources of funds
    Exchequer; Health contributions etc; Receipts under EU regulations.
  • Agency
    Health boards, Regional authority (including GMS Payments Board); Voluntary and Joint Board hospitals; Homes for the intellectually disabled; Other agencies; Central administration.
  • Capital programme
    Acute hospitals; Services for older people; Child care; Mental health; Disability services; Community health; Maintenance, fire prevention works & miscellaneous.


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