District/Community Hospitals and Extended Care


Department of Health

Key information

Number of beds in district and community hospitals, in-patient admissions and discharges/deaths, available bed days, occupancy rates, and average length of stay, by health board/regional authority and individual hospital. Extended care beds and patients by type of facility, medico/social status, age, sex, source of admission and destination of discharge.


Annual district/community hospital returns and long stay activity statistics.


District/community hospitals refer to health board/regional authority general practitioner staffed hospitals with units for medicine, minor surgery and frequently for obstetrics and paediatrics. Extended care comprises health board/regional authority and voluntary geriatric hospitals and welfare homes as well as private nursing homes. It also includes patients occupying long-stay beds in district/community hospitals.


Every 3 years

Reference period

Calendar year and 31 December

Start date

Varying start dates, typically 1994, with some statistics from 1980 or 1996


Typically 2 years from end of latest reference year for district/community hospital statistics and 1 year from end of latest reference year for extended care statistics


  • Health Board/Regional Authority
    Eastern; Midland; Mid-Western; North-Eastern; North-Western; South-Eastern; Southern; Western.
  • Extended care facility
    Health board/regional authority geriatric homes/hospitals; Health board/regional authority welfare homes; Health board/regional authority district/community hospitals; Voluntary geriatric homes/hospitals; Private nursing homes.
  • Medico/social status
    Respite; Chronic mental illness; Chronic physical illness; Convalescence; Rehabilitation; Dementia; Physical disability; Intellectual disability; Social reasons; Palliative care; Other.
  • Age (extended care)
    Less Than 40 years; 40-64; 65-69; 70-74; 75-79; 80-84; 85+ years.
  • Source of admission (extended care)
    Community; Acute hospital; Long-stay hospital/home; Other.
  • Destination on discharge (extended care)
    Community; Acute hospital; Extended care facility; Other; Death.


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