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Key information

In-patient care in publicly funded acute hospitals: beds available, admissions, discharges/deaths, average length of stay, day beds, occupancy rate, casualty attendances, and dialysis treatments, classified by Health Board/Regional Authority and individual hospital. Individual speciality statistics for acute hospitals: cases and average length of stay by major diagnostic category. Day cases by category. Analysis of attendances at consultant-controlled out-patient clinics by speciality. Statistics on live births are also provided.


The Integrated Management Returns (IMR's). The Hospital In-Patient Enquiry System (HIPE). Annual Returns of Consultant-Controlled Out-Patient Clinics. The National Perinatal Reporting System.


All acute publicly funded hospitals. Some statistics include private hospitals.


Every 3 years

Reference period

Calendar year

Start date

1994, with some statistics from 1980, 1998 or 1991


Typically 1 year from latest reference year


  • Health Board/Regional Authority
    Eastern; Midland; Mid-Western; North-Eastern; North-Western; South-Eastern; Southern; Western.
  • Medical speciality
    Cardiology; Dental surgery; Dermatology; Endocrinology; Gastro-enterology; General medicine; General surgery; Geriatric medicine; Gynaecology; Haematology; Infectious Diseases; Nephrology; Neurology; Neurosurgery; Oncology; Ophthalmology; and other specialities.
  • Diagnostic category (major)
    Pregnancy, childbirth and peurperium; Digestive system; Circulatory system; Musculoskeletal system and connective tissue; Respiratory system; Nervous system; Ear, nose, mouth and throat; Skin, subcutaneous tissue and breast; Kidney and urinary tract; Female reproductive system; Injuries, poisonings and toxic effects of drugs; Hepatobiliary and pancreas; Eye; Infectious and parasitic diseases; Endocrine, nutritional and metabolic diseases; Myeloproliferative diseases and disorders; Factors influencing health status; Newborns and other neonates; Male reproductive system; Blood/blood forming organs & immunological disorders; Mental diseases and disorders; Alcohol/drug use & alcohol/drug induced organic mental disorders; Burns; Multiple significant trauma; Human immunodeficiency virus (hiv) infections.
  • Day case procedure groups
    Procedures are classified into many detailed categories such as: Gastro-intestinal procedures; Chemotherapy; Skin procedures; Vascular procedures; Radiation etc.


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