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Department of Health

Key information

The number of people with intellectual disability in residential placements by type; placements and attendances in day programmes; people with an intellectual disability availing of day, residential and psychiatric services by Health Board/Regional Authority; details of rehabilitative programmes; the number of persons registered on the national physical and sensory disability database by age, sex, type of disability, and diagnosis.


National Intellectual Disability Database (NIDD), National Physical and Sensory Disability Database (NPSDD).


All persons registered on the National Intellectual Disability Database with information provided by service providers, Health Service Executive personnel and school principals. Also all persons registered on the National Physical and Sensory Disability Database. Note that registration on this database is voluntary.


Every 3 years

Reference period

Calendar year

Start date

Varying start dates, typically 1996 with some statistics from 1986 or 1994


Typically 1 year from end of the reference year


  • Disability level (intellectual)
    Not verified; Profound; Severe; Moderate; Mild.
  • Age
    0-4 years; 5-12; 13-17; 18-24; 25-39; 40-59; 60-65 years.
  • Residential placement type
    5-day community group home; 7-day (48 week) community group home; 7-day (52 week) community group home; 5-day residential care; 7-day (48 week) residential care; 7-day (52 week) residential care; Nursing home; De-designated unit; Psychiatric hospital; Intensive placement (challenging behaviour); Intensive placement (profound/multiple disability); Other full-time residential service.
  • Day programme
    Home support; Early services; Ordinary pre-school; Special pre-school for intellectual disability; Child educational and development centre; Day respite in the home; Mainstream pre-school; Ordinary school; Resource teacher; Special class - primary level; Special class - secondary level; Special school; Generic vocational training; Special vocational training centre; Activation centre; Programme for the elderly; Special high support day service; Special intensive day service; Sheltered work centre; Sheltered employment centre; Multidisciplinary support centre; Centre-based day respite service; Other day service; Enclave within open employment; Supported employment; Open employment; Generic day services; Home help.
  • Health Board/Regional Authority
    Eastern; Midland; Mid-Western; North-Eastern; North-Western; South-Eastern; Southern; Western.
  • Disability
    Physical only; Hearing loss/deafness only; Visual only; Physical and hearing loss/deafness; Physical and visual; Hearing loss/deafness and visual; Physical, hearing loss/deafness and visual.
  • Diagnoses
    Multiple sclerosis; Cerebral palsy; Diabetes; Stroke hemiplegia; Specific speech and language disorder; Rheumatoid arthritis; Congenital deafness; Epilepsy; Head injury; Cystic fibrosis.


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