Community Health and Welfare Services


Department of Health

Key information

Number of persons (including dependants) covered by medical cards classified by county, persons covered and claimants under the drugs payment and long-term illness schemes, prescription forms and items, immunisation uptake, classified by health board/regional authority. Also statistics on food establishment inspections, infringements and enforcement actions, as well as details on recipients of welfare allowances.


General Medical Services (Payments) Board, National Disease Surveillance Centre, Department of Health and Children, Food Safety Authority of Ireland,.


Person eligible for health services; all food establishments.


Every 3 years

Reference period

Calendar year and 31 December

Start date

1994, with some statistics from 1986


Varies from 12 to 24 months after the reference period


  • Health Board/Regional Authority
    Eastern; Midland; Mid-Western; North-Eastern; North-Western; South-Eastern; Southern; Western.
  • County
    The 26 geographic counties, except that Tipperary NR and Tipperary SR are distinguished.
  • Immunisation
    Diptheria; Pertussis; Tetanus; Haemophilus influenzae type B; Polio; Measles, mumps & rubella.
  • Infringements (food safety)
    Hygiene (HACCP) training; General hygiene; Composition; Contamination; Labelling and presentation; Other.
  • Welfare allowances
    Rehabilitative training bonus; Infectious diseases maintenance allowance; Blind welfare allowance; Domiciliary care allowance; Mobility allowance; Motorised transport grant; Long stay institutional spending allowance.


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