Health Status and Lifestyle


Department of Health

Key information

Perceived health status, chronic illness or condition by age, education level and medical cover, cases of tuberculosis, infectious diseases, sexually transmitted infection and HIV, cases and deaths from AIDS, incidence of cancer, perinatal health statistics (antenatal care, method of delivery, etc), breastfeeding, home and leisure accidents, causes of injury, road traffic accidents, occupational accidents, hospitalisation due to accidents, poisoning and violence by cause, food and nutrition, smoking, alcohol consumption, treated drug misuse.


CSO Survey on Income and Living Conditions (SILC), Health Protection Surveillance Centre, Virus Reference Laboratory, National Cancer Registry, National Neonatal Screening Laboratory, National Perinatal Reporting System, Road Collision Facts Ireland, National Roads Authority, CSO Quarterly National Household Surveys, Health and Safety Authority, Hospital In-Patient Enquiry (HIPE), National Drug Treatment Reporting System, Health Research Board.


All persons.


Every 3 years

Reference period

Calendar year, or survey date where applicable

Start date

Varying start dates, check Health Statistics Report 1999 for earliest data


From 1 to 4 years after the reference period


  • Medical cover
    Medical card only; Private health insurance only; Both; Neither.
  • Tuberculosis type
    Pulmonary; Pulmonary & extra-pulmonary; Extra-pulmonary; Primary.
  • Sexually transmitted infection
    Ano-genital warts; Candidiasis; Chancroid; Chlamydia trachomatis; Genital Herpes simplex; Gonorrhoea; Granuloma inguinale; Infectious hepatitis B1; Lymphogranuloma venereum; Molluscum contagiosum; Non-specific urethritis; Pediculosis pubis; Syphilis; Trichomoniasis.
  • HIV exposure category
    Intravenous drug users; Mother to child transmission; Homosexuals/bisexuals; Haemophiliacs; Haemophiliac contacts; Hospital staff, occupational, needlestick; Transfusion recipient; Blood donors; Organ donors; Visa requests; Insurance; Prisoners; Heterosexuals/risk unspecified.
  • Cancer site
    Non-melanoma skin; Colorectal; Breast; Lung; Prostate; Carcinoma of skin; Cervix; Melanoma of skin; Lymphoma; Stomach; Bladder; Pancreas; Leukaemia; Ovary; Oesophagus; Kidney; Brain; Womb.
  • Metabolic errors
    Phenylketonuria; Homocystinuria; Maple syrup urine disease; Galactosaemia; Hypothyroidism.
  • Infectious disease
    Acute encephalitis; Acute viral meningitis; Bacillary dysentry; Bacterial meningitis (including meningococcal septicaemia); Brucellosis; Cholera; Creutzfeldt Jakob disease; nv Creutzfeldt Jakob disease; Food poisoning; Gastro-enteritis; Infectious mononucleosis; Infectious parotitis (mumps); Influenzal pneumonia; Legionnaire's disease; Leptospirosis; Malaria; Measles; Ornithosis; Rubella; Salmonellosis; Severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS); Tetanus; Typhoid and paratyphoid; Viral hepatitis type A; Viral hepatitis type B; Viral hepatitis unspecified; Whooping cough; Yellow fever.
  • Product groups causing injury
    Sports equipment; House building elements; Outdoor environment structures; Footwear; Household furniture; Food, hot liquids; Kitchen utensils, electric household; Vehicles; Animals and animal accessories; Do-it-yourself equipment; Floor coverings; Particles; Games and toys; Garden equipment; Fair/playground; Heating equipment; Bathroom equipment; Containers and wrappings; Medicines; Building materials; Laundry equipment; Unknown.
  • Causes of accidents, poisoning and violence
    Accidental falls; Motor vehicle traffic accidents; Self-inflicted injury; Injury purposely inflicted by other persons; Drugs, medicinal and biological substances causing adverse effects in therapeutic use; Other road vehicle accidents; Accidental poisoning by drugs, medicinal substances and biologicals; Accidents caused by submersion, suffocation and foreign bodies; Accidental poisoning by other solid & liquid substances, gases and vapour; Accidents due to natural and environmental factors; Accidents caused by fire and flames; Motor vehicle non-traffic accidents; Late effect of accidental injury; Water transport accidents; Air and space transport accidents; Railway accidents; Other accidents.
  • Birth method of delivery
    Spontaneous; Caesarean; Forceps.
  • Education level
    Primary or below; Secondary; Post-secondary non-tertiary; Third level.
  • Drug treatment service
    Outpatients; Residential; Low threshold; General practitioner; Treatment in prison.
  • Drug type
    Opiates; Cannabis; Ecstasy; Benzodiazepines; Cocaine; Amphetamines; Volatile inhalants.


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