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Department of Housing, Planning and Local Government

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Income by source, capital and revenue income and expenditure by programme group, loans payable, annual rates on valuation, net effective valuations, local government fund general purpose grant allocations, expenditure on non-national roads, local improvement schemes payments, development contribution income. The statistics are classified by county, borough council and town council. Links


Department of the Housing, Planning and Local Government and local authorities budgetary and administrative data.


All income and expenditure of all local authorities (counties, borough councils, town councils).



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Calendar year

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  • Local authority
    The 34 administrative counties, plus the borough councils and town councils.
  • Programme group
    Housing and building (Local authority housing; Assistance to persons housing themselves; Assistance to persons improving houses; Administration and miscellaneous); Road transportation and safety (Road upkeep; Road improvement; Road traffic; Administration and miscellaneous); Water supply and sewerage (Public water supply schemes; Public sewerage scheme; Private installations; Administration and miscellaneous); Development incentives and controls (Land use planning; Industrial development; Other development and promotion; Representational functions; Promotion of interest of the community; Twinning of local authority areas; Administration and miscellaneous); Environmental protection (Waste disposal; Burial grounds; Safety of structures; Fire protection; Pollution control; Administration and miscellaneous); Recreation and amenity (Swimming pools; Libraries; Parks, open spaces, recreation centres, etc; Other recreation and amenity; Administration and miscellaneous): Agriculture, education, health and welfare (Agriculture; Education; Health and welfare; Administration and miscellaneous); Miscellaneous services (Chairman's allowance; Entertainment and associated expenses; Expenses of members and representation at conferences; Expenses of members attending conferences abroad).
  • Sources of income
    General-purpose grant; Commercial rates; Goods and services; Government grants and subsidies.


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