Department of Education and Skills

Key information

The number of national schools classified by county and school type, the number of educational institutions by type of educational institution, the number of new primary school buildings and improvements to existing primary schools, the number of second level school building projects by project type and type of school. Provision of second level programmes classified by sex and type of school, type of programme and subject.


Department of Education and Skills administrative records and censuses. Scope


All schools and colleges aided by the Department of Education and Skills with some information on non-aided institutions. Frequency



Reference period

Academic year

Start date

Generally 2000 with some statistics starting in 2006


Varies by statistic


  • School type (national)
    Ordinary national schools; Ordinary national schools with pupils with special needs; Special schools..
  • School type (second level)
    Secondary; Vocational; Community and Comprehensive.
  • County
    The 34 administrative counties, except that Tipperary NR and Tipperary SR are combined.
  • Educational Institution
    Ordinary national schools; Special national schools; Non-aided first level education institutions; Secondary schools; Vocational schools; Community schools; Comprehensive schools; Horology college; Second level schools aided by other Departments (Agriculture/Defence); Non-aided commercial second level education institutions; HEA institutions (aided); Other HEA institutions; Institutes of technology including Killybegs H.T.C./Tipperary Institute; Teacher training primary; Teacher training home economics; Other third level education institutions aided by the Department of Education and Science; Third level education institutions aided by other Departments (Justice/Defence); Religious institutions (non-aided); Other (third level non-aided).
  • School building projects
    New schools; Major extensions/refurbishments; Summer Works Scheme; Science grants; Remediation programmes; Site acquisitions; Furniture and equipment; Temporary accommodation; Health and safety technology grants; Miscellaneous.
  • School programme
    Junior certificate; Leaving certificate; Leaving certificate applied.
  • Subject (Junior certificate)
    Irish; English; Mathematics; History; Geography; Latin; Greek; Classical studies; Hebrew studies; French; German; Spanish; Italian; Typewriting; Art, craft, design; Business studies; Science (with local studies); Science; Music; Materials technology (wood); Technical graphics; Home economics; Metalwork; Technology; E.S.P. History 1; E.S.P. Geography 1; Environmental & social studies; Keyboarding; Choir; Orchestra; Computer studies; Physical education; Religious education; Civic, social & political education; Civics; Health education; Speech & drama; Religious education (JC Exam); Social, personal and health education; Science (JC - Revised syllabus); Physical Education (JC - Revised syllabus); Polish.
  • Subject (Leaving certificate)
    Irish; English; Mathematics; History; Geography; Latin; Ancient Greek; Classical Studies; Hebrew Studies; French; German; Spanish; Italian; Applied Mathematics; Physics; Chemistry; Physics and Chemistry; Agricultural Science; Biology; Agricultural Economics; Engineering; Technical Drawing; Construction Studies; Home Economics (Social and Scientific); Home Economics (General); Japanese (LC Exam); Polish; Accounting; Business Studies; Economics; Economic History; Music A; Music B; Typewriting; Art (with Design Option); Art (with Craftwork Option); Keyboarding; Choir; Orchestra; Computer Studies; Physical Education; Religious Education; Civics; Health Education; Speech and Drama; Music; Dutch; Portuguese; Danish; Swedish; Home Economics (Social and Scientific - New syllabus); Russian; Work Experience; Preparation for Work; Enterprise Education; French, Basic; German, Basic; Spanish, Basic; Italian, Basic; French, Level 1; German, Level 1; Italian, Level 1; Spanish, Level 1; Modern Greek; Arabic; Religious Education (LC and LCVP); Japanese; Czech; Latvian; Lithuanian; Romanian; Slovakian; Turkish.
  • Subject (Leaving certificate applied)
    French; German; Spanish; Italian; Communicative Irish; Vocational Preparation and Guidance; English and Communication; Social Education; Arts Dance; Arts Drama; Arts Visual; Arts Music; Leisure and Recreation; Mathematic Applications; Information Technology; Agriculture/Horticulture; Hotel Catering and Tourism; Construction/Manufacturing; Crafts and Design; Engineering (LCA); Community Care; Office Skills and Retail Distribution; Technology (LCA); Leisure Studies; Information Technology (Specialism); Sign Language; Leisure and Recreation including Physical Education; Introduction to Information and Communication Technology; Religious Education (LCA); Science (LCA); Graphics and Construction Studies; Childcare/Community Care; Office Administration and Customer Care; Active Leisure Studies; Information and Communication Technology; Hair and Beauty; Personal Reflection Task; General Education Task; Vocational Education Task; Vocational Preparation Task; Reserved for Exams.


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