Overseas Visits and Travel


Central Statistics Office (CSO)

Key information

Visits to Ireland classified by route of travel, by area of residence, and by reason for journey; visits by Irish residents by route of travel and by reason for journey; details are also provided on average length of stay (nights), same-day visits, and on tourism and travel expenditure and earnings.

A Methods and Quality Report is available for this statistic.


The CSO Country of Residence Survey and the Passenger Card Inquiry, in conjunction with passenger movement figures supplied by the transport companies.


From 2000, commercial drivers on sea routes are excluded from visitor numbers.



Reference period

Calendar quarter and calendar year

Start date

1985 quarter 1 (quarterly), 1983 (annual)


Annual - 12 weeks after the end of the reference year; quarterly - 10 weeks after the end of the reference quarter


  • Travel route
    Air cross-channel; Sea cross-channel; Continental European; Transatlantic.
  • Area of residence
    Great Britain; Other Europe; USA and Canada; Other areas.
  • Travel reason
    Business; Holiday/leisure/recreation; Visit to friends;/relatives; Other.
  • Travel accommodation
    Hotel; Guest house/B&B; Rented house/Apartment; Caravan/camping; Hostel; Friends/relatives; Other.


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