System of Health Accounts (Health Expenditure)


Central Statistics Office (CSO)

Key information

Health care expenditure estimates for Ireland according to the international standard of the System of Health Accounts, 2011. Detailed profile of Irish current health expenditure according to the classifications of the functions of health care (ICHA-HC), health care provision (ICHA-HP), and financing schemes (ICHA-HF). This level of detail is available only for reference year 2013. Data will be available at this level of detail annually in the future.

A Methods and Quality Report is available for this statistic.



Data from the CSO, the Health Service Executive, the Department of Health, survey of private health insurers, survey of private hospitals.


Current health expenditure in Ireland (public and private) disaggregated by health care provider, health care services and funding.



Reference period

Calendar year

Start date



17 months after the reference period in 2016 (with reference to data from 2014) and 16 months after the reference period from 2017 onwards.


  • Economic Sector
    Health; public administration
  • Health Care Provider
    Hospitals; residential long-term care facilities; ambulatory health care providers; ancillary services; retailers and other providers of medical goods; preventative care; health care system administration and financing; rest of economy; rest of world
  • Health Care Services
    Services of curative and rehabilitative care; long-term care; ancillary services; medical goods dispensed to out-patients; prevention and public health services; health administration and health insurance, other health care services not elsewhere classified (n.e.c.)
  • Health Care Financing
    Government schemes; compulsory contributory health insurance schemes; voluntary health care payment schemes; voluntary health insurance schemes; other voluntary payment schemes; household out-of-pocket payments
  • Country
    Ireland, OECD


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