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Key information

Number of school completers enrolled/not enrolled in second-level schools aided by the Department of Education and Skills; Number of school completers classified by sex, destination, Leaving Certificate programme, characteristics of school attended, NFQ Level of Higher Education Course, Employment Activity; Number of Irish students enrolled in tertiary education abroad. Number of early leavers enrolled in DES-Aided second-level schools classified by destination; Number of early leavers classified by sex; destination; programme; characteristics of school attended, nationality, social welfare activity; programme and whether in receipt of traveller support.


Compiled by the Department of Education and Skills (DES) in conjunction with the Central Statistics Office (CSO), using the Higher Education Authority (HEA) Student Record System, the Further Education and Training Awards Council (FETAC) awards database (now the Quality and Qualifications Ireland), the FÁS dataset, the Central Records System of the Department of Social Protection and P35 files (employer end-of-year returns) from the Revenue Commissioners.


The tracking of school leavers after they leave school.



Reference period

30th of September of academic year

Start date



15 months after the end of the reference period


  • Early leaver destination
    Post-Leaving cert course (PLC); FÁS course; Social welfare activity; Employment activity; Outward migration; Enrolled in education or training outside of the state; Youthreach; Enrolled in private educational institutions; Other.
  • School completer destination
    Higher education course (Higher Education Authority); Repeat Leaving cert; Post-Leaving cert course (PLC); FÁS course; Other second-level/Further education or training; Social welfare activity; Employment activity; Higher education course (Higher Education Authority) Non-PPSN coverage; Higher education course - Non-HEA-aided institutions; Higher education course abroad; Other.
  • Social welfare activity
    Child benefit/General benefits/Supplementary welfare; Pensions including disability - Long-term payments; Unemployment.
  • Characteristics of school attended
    School type (Secondary fee-charging; Secondary non-fee-charging; Vocational; Community; Comprehensive); DEIS status of school (DEIS; Non-DEIS); Medium of instruction in school (All pupils taught all subjects through Irish; No subjects taught through Irish; Some pupils taught all subjects through Irish; Some pupils taught some subjects through Irish).


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