Registry of Friendly Societies


Department of Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation

Key information

Number of Friendly Societies, Industrial and Provident Societies, and Trade Unions on the registers of societies by year, category/type, number at the beginning of the reference year, registered during the year, restored during the year, cancelled during the year and on the register at the end of the year.


Administrative records of the Registry of Friendly Societies.


All Industrial and Provident Societies, Friendly Societies and Trade Unions registered with the Registrar of Friendly Societies.



Reference period

Calender year

Start date



About 6 months after the end of the reference period


  • Category of Industrial and Provident Societies
    Agricultural Supply Societies; Dairy Societies; Deposit Taking Industrial and Provident Societies; Egg and Poultry Societies; Farm Relief Societies; Fishing Societies; Forestry Societies; Group Water Scheme (Public Utility B); Horticultural Societies; Housing; Investment Societies; Livestock Marketing Societies; Meat Processing Societies; Miscellaneous Societies; Other Distributive Societies; Other Productive Societies; Pig and Lamb Fattening (Livestock Breeding B); Promotional (Livestock Breeding A); Promotional Development and Advisory Service Societies; Turf Societies.
  • Category of Friendly Societies
    Ordinary Friendly Societies; Friendly Societies Having Branches; Registered Branches of Friendly Societies; Benevolent Societies; Specially Authorised Loan Societies; Other Specially Authorised Loan Societies; Working Mens' Clubs.
  • Type of Trade Union
    Employee Unions; Employer Associations; Trade Associations.


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