Litter Pollution


Department of Housing, Planning and Local Government

Key information

The extent, main causes and main constituents of litter pollution classified by urban and rural location and by local authority type. Detailed analysis of specific components of litter is provided i.e. of chewing gum litter, sweet related litter, bank/ATM receipts and plastic bags.


Litter Pollution surveys and Litter Quantification surveys carried out by local authorities.


All local authorities.



Reference period

Surveys are carried out at varying times of the day, days of the week and months of the year.

Start date



About four months after the end of the reference period


  • Litter pollution indices
    Unpolluted (LPI 1); Slightly polluted (LPI 2); Moderately polluted (LPI 3); Significantly polluted (LPI 4); Grossly polluted (LPI 5).
  • Litter composition
    Cigarette related litter; Food related litter; Packaging litter; Sweet related litter; Paper litter; Deleterious litter items ; Miscellaneous litter items; Large litter items; Plastic litter/non-packaging, with further breakdown within these categories.
  • Location
    Urban area; Rural area.
  • Litter pollution causative factors
    Passing pedestrians; Passing motorists; Retail outlet; Gathering point; Fast-food outlet; Schools/school children; Places of leisure/entertainment; Bus stop; Bank/ATM; Bring bank; Fly-tipping/dumping; Bus/train station; Overflowing bins; Construction site; Major entertainment event; Refuse collection/presentation.
  • Local authority type
    County councils; City councils; Borough & town councils; Dublin local authorities.


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