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The value and live weight of all sea landings of fish classified by species. Top twenty landing ports and top ten fish species landed by value and live weight. National fish quota in tonnes and percentage uptake by Irish fishing vessels of the national quota classified by fish stock area. Links


EU logbooks which are completed by the masters of fishing vessels when landing. Sales notes which are submitted by the buyer or seller at the first sale of the fish. Gatherers documents which provide information on shellfish harvested from Irish waters. European Community fishing quotas are determined at the December meeting of the Council of Ministers held in Brussels.


Fish landings and fishing activity by all Irish vessels and foreign vessels landing into Ireland.



Reference period

Calender year

Start date



Typically 4 months after the end of the reference period (fish landings); Following month (quota used); Once regulation is ratified (national quota).


  • Fish species
    Demersal (Brill; Cod; Dogfish; Dover sole; Haddock; Hake; John Dory; Lemon sole; Ling; Megrim; Monk/angler; Plaice; Ray/skate; Saithe; Turbot; White pollock; Whiting; Witch; Other demersal); Pelagic (Blue whiting; Pilchard; Herring; Horse mackerel; Mackerel; Sprat; Tuna; Other pelagic); Shellfish (Blue mussel; Crab; Crawfish; Dublin Bay prawns; Escallop; Lobster; Periwinkle; Prawn tails; Shrimp; Squid; Whelk; Other shellfish); Deepwater (Orange roughy; Siki; Other deepwater).
  • Fish stock areas
    International Council for the Exploration of the Sea (ICES) area/areas; All areas.


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