Exchequer Statements and Accounts


Department of Finance

Key information

Central Government current and capital account receipts and expenditure, tax and non-tax revenue receipts, departmental expenditure voted annually by the Dáil, the sinking fund (a transfer from current account to capital account to reduce national debt) and other non-voted expenditure; current and capital account surpluses or deficits. Exchequer surplus or deficit, source and application of funds, total borrowings or repayments, total increase or decrease in exchequer deposits and other balances.


Department of Finance administrative records.


All government receipts and expenditure.



Reference period

Cumulative from start of the calendar year to last day of the reported month (statements), calendar year (accounts)

Start date

December 1998 (statements), 1999 (accounts)


Two working days after the end of the reference period (statements), ten months after the reference period (accounts)


  • Tax head
    Unallocated tax receipts; Training and employment levy; Value added tax; Corporation tax; Income tax; Stamps; Capital acquisitions tax; Capital gains tax; Excise duty; Customs.
  • Vote group
    Agriculture, Fisheries and Food; Arts, Sport and Tourism; Communications, Marine and Natural Resources; Community, Rural and Gaeltacht Affairs; Defence; Education and Science; Enterprise, Trade and Employment; Environment, Heritage and Local Government; Finance Group; Foreign Affairs; Health and Children; Justice Group; Social and Family Affairs; Taoiseach's Group (incl Legal Votes); Transport.


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