Long-stay Care Units


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Key information

The number of long-stay and limited-stay beds classified by the type of care unit, bed category and Heath Service Executive (HSE) area; the number of patients resident classified by the type of care unit, sex, age, level of care required, medico/social status and HSE area; patients' source of admission, destination on discharge and length of stay classified by type of care unit and HSE area. Details of the number of beds, number of patients, number of admissions and number of discharges within each individual long-stay unit are listed by HSE area and local health office.


Questionnaires issued by the Heath Service Executive (HSE) to all long-stay care units.


All long-stay care units, including private nursing homes, which returned questionnaires. See response rate details in report.



Reference period

31st December (beds/residents), calendar year (admissions/discharges)

Start date



18 months after the end of the reference period


  • Care unit
    HSE Extended Care Unit; HSE Welfare Home; Voluntary Welfare Home; Voluntary Home/Hospital for Older People; Private Nursing Home.
  • Bed category
    Long stay beds (Extended/continuing care; Psychiatry of old age; Chronic young sick; Unspecified long stay); Limited stay beds (Rehabilitation; Convalescence; Palliative; Respite; Other limited stay).
  • Age
    Less Than 40 years; 40-64; 65-69; 70-74; 75-79; 80-84; 85-89; 90-94; 95+ years; Age Unknown.
  • Care level
    Low Dependency; Medium Dependency; High Dependency; Maximum Dependency.
  • Medico/social status
    Respite; Chronic mental illness; Chronic physical; illness; Convalescence; Rehabilitation; Dementia; Physical disability; Intellectual disability; Social reasons; Palliative care; Other reasons.
  • Source of admission
    Community; Acute hospital; Long-stay hospital/home; Other.
  • Destination on discharge
    Community; Acute hospital; Extended care facility; Other; Death
  • Length of stay
    Less Than 3 months; 3-6 months; 6-2 months; 1-2 years; 2-4 years; 4-6 years; 6-10 years; 10+ years.
  • HSE area
    Dublin North East; Dublin Mid-Leinster; South; West.


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