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Road collision rates; collisions classified by collision outcome; collisions and persons killed or injured classified by road user type, county, month of year, hour of day, day of week, light conditions, weather conditions, road surface conditions and road character. Other circumstances of the collisions are also specified. Casualties are classified by road user type, age, sex, inside and outside built up areas; pedestrian casualties are further broken down by light conditions, location, pedestrian action; age of pedestrian and darkness or daylight. Details of the drivers and vehicles involved in accidents are provided, the types of collisions, usage of seat belts and helmets and contributory actions. Locations are listed including counties, Garda divisions, main centres of populations and towns, at or near pedestrian crossings or road works, road type, junction type and national routes. International comparisons are given for number of road deaths, rate per billion vehicle kilometers and road deaths per 100,000 population.


An Garda Síochána administrative records.


All collisions investigated by or brought to the notice of the Garda Síochána where the exact location of the collision can be determined.



Reference period

Calendar year

Start date



12 months after the end of the reference period


  • Age
    0-5 years; 6-9; 10-14; 15-17; 18-20; 21-24; 25-34; 35-44; 45-54; 55-64; 65+ years; Unknown.
  • County
    The 26 geographic counties, except that Tipperary NR and Tipperary SR are distinguished.
  • Road user type
    Pedestrians; Pedal cyclists; Motor cyclists; Car users; PSV users; Goods vehicle; Other or unknown;
  • Light condition
    Daylight good visibility; Daylight poor visibility; Dark road well-lighted; Dark road poorly-lighted; Dark unlit lighting; Dark no lighting; Unknown; Not stated.
  • Weather
    Dry; Wet; Frost/ice; Snow; Fog/mist; High winds; Other; Unknown; Not specified.
  • Injury severity
    Fatal; Minor; Not injured; Serious.
  • Collision type
    Fatal; Serious; Minor; Material damage.
  • Primary Collision type
    Single vehicle and pedestrian; Single vehicle only (Bollard/island; Parked car; Parked truck; Parked trailer/skip; Pole; Tree; Animal; Wall/gate; Ditch; Other/unknown; Not stated); Two or more vehicle accidents (Rear end; Angle; Head-on; Other/not known).
  • Seat belt usage
    Car drivers (Seat belt in use; Seat belt not in use; Unknown; Not stated);Passengers, front seat (Seat belt in use; Seat belt not in use; Unknown; Not stated).
  • Crash helmet usage
    Motorcycle driver (Crash helmet in use; Crash helmet not in use; Unknown; Not stated); Passenger (Crash helmet in use; Crash helmet not in use; Unknown; Not stated).
  • Garda division
    Carlow/Kilkenny; Cavan/Monaghan; Clare; Cork city; Cork north; Cork west; DMR (Dublin Metropolitan Region) east; DMR north central; DMR north; DMR south central; DMR south; DMR west; Donegal; Galway; Kerry; Kildare; Laois/Offaly; Limerick; Louth; Mayo; Meath; Roscommon/Longford; Sligo/Leitrim; Tipperary; Waterford; Westmeath; Wexford; Wicklow.
  • Location
    Main centres of population (Dublin Co. Borough; Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown; Fingal County; South Dublin County; Cork Co. Borough; Waterford Co. Borough; Limerick Co. Borough; Galway Co. Borough); Towns under 50,000 population (2006) with legally defined boundaries individually listed.


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