Agricultural Absolute Prices


Central Statistics Office (CSO)

Key information

Prices for cattle by type of cattle, manufacturing milk, feeding stuffs and fertiliser.

A Methods and Quality Report is available for this statistic.


CSO surveys, Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine administrative data, auction mart prices, factory slaughterings prices and creamery milk prices.


All agricultural produce and purchases of goods and services by farmers.



Reference period

Calendar month and year

Start date

1976, 1980 (fertilizer)


7 weeks after the end of the reference period.


  • Cattle type
    Bullocks (250-299kg; 300-349kg; 350-399kg; 400-449kg; 450-499kg; 500-549kg); Heifers (250-299kg; 300-349kg; 350-399kg; 400-449kg).
  • Feed stuff type
    Rolled barley; Soya bean meal; Barley meal; Maize meal; Flaked maize; Pig fattening meal (13-15% protein); Sow breeder (14-16% protein); Calf nuts and cubes (16-18% protein); Cattle fattening nuts and cubes (13-15% protein); Dairy nuts and cubes (16-18% protein); Dairy meal (16-18% protein); Layers' mash (14-16% protein); Broiler starter (22-24% protein); Broiler finisher (19-21% protein); Milk replacer; Wheat; Ewe feed coarse (16-20% protein); Ewe pellet/nuts (16-20% protein); Lamb feed (16-20% protein); Cattle fattening meal (13-15% protein).
  • Fertiliser type
    Calcium ammonium nitrate (27.5% N); Urea (46% N); Granular superphosphate (16% P); Muriate of potash (50% K); Compound 0-10-20; Compound 0-7-30; Compound 7-6-17; Compound 10-10-20; Compound 14-7-14; Compound 18-6-12; Compound 24-2.5-10; Compound 27-2.5-5;


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