Agricultural Absolute Prices


Central Statistics Office (CSO)

Key information

Prices for pigs by liveweight, cattle by type of cattle, sheep by liveweight, manufacturing milk and hen eggs; prices of feed stuff and fertiliser.

A Methods and Quality Report is available for this statistic.


CSO surveys, Department of Agriculture and Food administrative data, auction mart prices, factory slaughterings prices and creamery prices. .


All agricultural produce and purchases of goods and services by farmers.



Reference period

Calendar month and year

Start date

1976, 1980 (fertilizer)


About two months after the reference period


  • Cattle type
    Bullocks (200-249kg; 250-299kg; 300-349kg; 350-399kg; 400-449kg; 450-499kg; 500-549kg; 550kg+); Heifers (200-249kg; 250-299kg; 300-349kg; 350-399kg; 400-449kg); Cows for slaughter.
  • Feed stuff type
    Rolled barley; Bran; Pollard; Soya bean meal; Barley meal; Maize meal; Flaked maize; Pig creep (18-24% protein); Pig grower (16-18% protein); Pig fattening meal (13-15% protein); Sow breeder (14-16% protein); Sow, weaner and 'bonham' meal (16-17.5% protein); Calf nuts and cubes (16-18% protein); Calf meal (16-18% protein); Calf nuts and cubes (14-15% protein); Cattle fattening nuts and cubes (13-15% protein); Dairy nuts and cubes (16-18% protein); Dairy meal (16-18% protein); Dairy nuts and cubes (13-15% protein); Dairy meal (13-15% protein); Chick mash (18-20% protein); Layers' mash (14-16% protein); Broiler starter (22-24% protein); Broiler finisher (19-21% protein); Milk replacer; Wheat; Ewe feed coarse (16-20% protein); Ewe pellet/nuts (16-20% protein); Lamb feed (16-20% protein); Cattle fattening meal (13-15% protein).
  • Fertiliser type
    Calcium ammonium nitrate (27.5% N); Urea (46% N); Granular superphosphate (16% P); Muriate of potash (50% K); Compound 0-10-20; Compound 0-7-30; Compound 7-6-17; Compound 10-10-20; Compound 14-7-14; Compound 18-6-12; Compound 24-2.5-10; Compound 27-2.5-5; Sulphate of Potash (42% K); Compound 8-5-18; Compound 20-4-10.


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