Asylum Seeker Reception and Integration


Reception and Integration Agency

Key information

The number of asylum seekers resident in the Reception and Integration Agency (RIA) accommodation classified by age, sex, family status, duration of stay, country and region of origin; the capacity and occupancy of the RIA accommodation classified by county, HSE area, individual centre and accommodation type; applicants' arriving at RIA's office in Mount Street classified by family status; dispersal of residents from the centres including missing residents, residents with An Garda Síochána, medical cases and pregnancy. Also included are details of return flights for destitute EU12 accession state nationals.


Reception and Integration Agency (RIA) administrative records.


All applicants for and residents of the RIA accommodation centres.



Reference period

Calendar month and month end

Start date

May 2004


One month after the end of the reference period


  • Family status (residents)
    Families, including lone parents and childless couples, Single male, Single female.
  • Family status (applicants)
    Single (Male; Female); Lone parent family (Parent; Child); Other family (Married with children; Child of married couple; Couple, no children; Widow, widower; Child of widow, widower).
  • Age
    0-4 years; 5-12; 13-17; 18-25; 26-35; 36-45; 46-55; 56-65; 66+ years.
  • County
    The 26 geographic counties, except that Tipperary NR and Tipperary SR are distinguished.
  • HSE area
    HSE East Coast Area; HSE South Western Area; HSE Northern Area; HSE Midland Area; HSE Mid Western Area; HSE North Eastern Area; HSE North Western Area; HSE South Eastern Area; HSE Southern Area; HSE Western Area. These are further broken down by county.
  • Accommodation
    Guest house; Hostel; System built; Hotel; Mobile home site; Holiday centre; Former college, Nursing home; Self catering apartment; Reception centre.
  • Country of origin
    List of 10 top nationalities.
  • Geographical area
    Europe; Africa; Asia; Other; Children born in Ireland.
  • Duration of stay
    0-3 months; 3-6; 6-9; 9-12; 12-18; 18-24; 24-36; 36+ months.


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