Compendium of Agricultural Statistics


Department of Agriculture, Food & the Marine

Key information

The compendium consists of tables covering the national economy and the agricultural economy. The agricultural tables relate to employment in the agri-food sector, output, input and income in agriculture, commodity output and disposals, agricultural prices, supply balances, Irish self-sufficiency in selected agricultural produce, Irish consumption of selected agricultural produce, agricultural surveys, agricultural structures, some National Farm Survey tables, EU transfers and net budget effect, agri-food exports and imports, exports of live animals, food industry, EU-25 agricultural structures.


The compendium is compiled by the Economics and Planning Division of the Department of Agriculture and Food, using statistics from the Central Statistics Office, the European Commission DG Agriculture, Eurostat, Teagasc, the Central Bank of Ireland, the Department of Finance, and Department of Agriculture, Food & the Marine.


All agricultural activity.



Reference period

Calendar year

Start date

2007 (release available online) with varying start dates for statistics included


Typically up-dated towards the end of each calendar year


  • Thematic report
    This compendium contains statistics from a variety of sources with diverse classifications. Where available, the constituent statistics are documented in individual StatCentral entries.


Business Sectors - Agriculture and Fishing

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