Public Prosecutions


Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions

Key information

Details of files received by the Office, breakdown of main reasons for a direction not to prosecute, prosecutions on indictment directed classified by county of offence, time taken to issue directions, applications for review of sentence on grounds of undue leniency, outcomes of prosecutions taken on indictment classified by type of offence, county and court (Circuit Criminal Court, Special Criminal Court, Central Criminal Court), confiscation of criminal assets, European arrest warrants.


Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions administrative records.


Files received, directions made and outcomes of court cases covering a three year period (the year of the report and the two previous years) by reference to the year the file was received in the Office.



Reference period

Calendar year of receipt of file

Start date



About 6 months after the end of the reference period


  • Time to issue directions
    0-2 weeks; 2-4 weeks; 4 weeks-3 months; 3-6 months; 6-12 months; 12+ months.
  • Disposal of files
    No prosecution (Insufficient evidence; Juvenile diversion programme; Public interest; Sympathetic grounds; Time limit expired; Undue delay; Injured party withdraws complaint; Other); Prosecution on indictment; Summary disposal.
  • Offences (Circuit Criminal Court)
    Fatal offences (Fatal accident at work; Manslaughter; Other fatal offences); Offences against property (Burglary; Fraud; Robbery; Theft; Other offences against property); Sexual offences (with further breakdown of these offences); Road traffic offences (Dangerous driving causing death; Unauthorised taking of motor vehicles; Other road traffic offences); Drug offences; Firearms and explosives offences; Non fatal offences against the person; Public order offences; Revenue offences; Other offences.
  • Offences (Central Criminal Court)
    Murder; Soliciting to murder; Attempted murder; Rape; Attempted rape; Aggravated sexual assault; Competition law.
  • Case outcomes
    Conviction by jury; Conviction on plea; Acquittal by jury; Acquittal by direction of judge; For hearing; Other Disposals (Nolle prosequi entered; Not fit to be tried; Accused to be extradited to stand trial in another jurisdiction; Accused deceased; Charges withdrawn; Struck out; Charges not re-entered; Dealt with summarily; Case terminated by judicial review); Conviction by judges; Conviction on lesser charge; Acquittal by judges.
  • County
    The 26 geographic counties.


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