Communications Use by Business


Commission for Communications Regulation (ComReg)

Key information

The type of internet connection, mobile telephone service provider, mobile data services used, main internet supplier, voice calls service provider and VoIP use, classified by firm size, region and sector.


Business market tracking survey undertaken on behalf of ComReg.


A representative sample of Irish SMEs and large corporate businesses.



Reference period

Within a calendar quarter

Start date

2008 quarter 1


One month after the end of the reference period


  • Enterprise size
    1-9 employees; 10-49; 50-100; 101-300; 301+ employees.
  • Economic sector
    Agriculture; Mining; Manufacturing; Transport; Utilities; Wholesale; Retail; Catering; Finance; Services; Government.
  • Region
    Dublin; Rest of Leinster; Munster; Connaught-Ulster.
  • Internet connection
    DSL; Wireless broadband; ISDN line; Dial up; Dedicated leased line; Mobile broadband; Fibre optic cable; Satellite; Other.
  • Telephone service provider
    Eircom only; Eircom and others; Others only.
  • Mobile telephone service provider
    Vodafone; O2; Meteor; 3; Eircom mobile; Tesco mobile; Other; No company mobiles.
  • Mobile data services
    SMS messaging; Mobile email (PDA or BlackBerry); Internet access over a mobile phone; MMS messaging; Other; None of these.
  • Mobile phone device
    Mobile broadband (HSDPA); 3G handsets; Wireless LAN cards; 3G datacards; GPRS or 2.5G handsets; None of these.


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