Electronic Communications Market


Commission for Communications Regulation (ComReg)

Key information

Data covers fixed telephony, internet and mobile telephony revenues, subscriptions data and data on telecommunications traffic. This includes: fixed voice call volumes, fixed data volumes, mobile call volumes, SMS and MMS traffic, mobile data volumes, internet subscriptions (DSL, VDSL, cable, FTTP, fixed wireless access, satellite, mobile broadband), TV subscriptions (cable, IPTV, satellite). Information is also provided on mobile average revenue per user, mobile numbers ported, local loop unbundled lines, carrier preselect lines and, wholesale line rental lines.


Based on data supplied to ComReg by service providers who have been authorised by the Commission for Communications Regulation to provide telecommunication services in the Irish market.


Providers of networks and services operating in the Irish market with annual wholesale and/or retail turnover equal to or in excess of 500,000.



Reference period

Calendar quarter

Start date

2005 quarter 1


Ten weeks after the end of the reference period


  • Internet connection
    DSL, VDSL,Cable;, FTTP, fixed wireless access, satellite, mobile broadband; Other.
  • Television broadcasting type
    Cable, IPTV and Satellite.


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