Fire and Emergency Services


Department of Housing, Planning and Local Government

Key information

Fatalities caused by fires classified by sex, age group, time of day, type of premises, cause, seat of origin, and smoke alarm status. Statistics on fires attended, road traffic accidents, water pumping, water rescue, hazardous substances, ambulance calls, and false alarms. Prevention statistics: inspections, notices, court orders, offences, and dangerous substance regulations.


Returns supplied by the 37 Irish fire authorities.


All fires and other emergency incidents dealt with by local authority fire brigades.



Reference period

Calendar year

Start date



16 months after the end of the reference period


  • Fire authority
    County, city and town councils: Athlone Town Council; Carlow County Council; Cavan County Council; Clare County Council; Cork City Council; Cork County Council; Donegal County Council; Drogheda Borough Council; Dublin City Council; Dun Laoghaire / Rathdown County Council; Dundalk Town Council; Fingal County Council; Galway City Council; Galway County Council; Kerry County Council; Kildare County Council; Kilkenny County Council; Laois County Council; Leitrim County Council; Limerick City Council; Limerick County Council; Longford County Council; Louth County Council; Mayo County Council; Meath County Council; Monaghan County Council; North Tipperary County Council; Offaly County Council; Roscommon County Council; Sligo County Council; South Dublin County Council; South Tipperary County Council; Waterford City Council; Waterford County Council; Westmeath County Council; Wexford County Council; Wicklow County Council.
  • Location
    Domestic (Chimney; Other); Apartments, flats and bedsitters; Caravans/mobile homes; Hospitals; Schools; Other institutions; Factories; Chemical plants; Storage buildings/warehouses; Shops/supermarkets; Offices; Hotels, guesthouses, boarding houses etc; Dance halls, discos, cinemas, theatres etc; Public houses; Restaurants; Motor vehicles; Unoccupied buildings; Agricultural buildings; Forest/bog/grass; Outdoor storage; Outdoor rubbish; Petrol stations/garages; Hazardous substances in transit; Ships/aircraft; Miscellaneous.
  • Fire cause
    Chimney/flues/soot/hot ashes; Matches/cigarette lighters; Rubbish burning; Cooking and heating; Electrical and other equipment; Electrical wiring installations; Malicious; Unknown causes; Smoking materials; Using fuels to kindle fires; Explosions; Other suspected causes.
  • Fire cause (fatalities)
    Chimney; Chip pan; Cigarette; Electric blanket; Electrical appliance; Electrical wiring; Gas appliance; Matches; Open fire ; Fell into open fire; Under investigation by Gardaí; Unknown.
  • Age
    Less than 14 years; 15-24; 25-44; 45-64; 65+ years.


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