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State Examinations Commission

Key information

Leaving Certificate candidates (distinguishing external and school candidates) by examination level, sex, subject and grade results; Leaving Certificate Applied candidates by sex, grade and county; Junior Certificate candidates by examination level, sex, subject and grade results.


State Examinations Commission administrative records.


All state examinations



Reference period

August and September (provisional Leaving and Junior Certificate respectively), October and November (post-appeals Leaving and Junior Certificate respectively)

Start date



About two days after the release of results


  • Subject (Leaving Certificate)
    Accounting; Agricultural economics; Agricultural science; Ancient Greek; Applied mathematics; Arabic; Art; Biology; Bulgarian; Business; Chemistry; Classical studies; Construction studies; Czech; Danish; Dutch; Economics; Engineering; English; Estonian; Finnish; French; Geography; German; Hebrew studies; History; Home economics; Hungarian; Irish; Italian; Japanese; Latin; Latvian; Lithuanian; Mathematics; Modern Greek; Music; Physics; Physics & chemistry; Polish; Portuguese; Religious education; Romanian; Russian; Slovakian; Spanish; Swedish; Agricultural science; Technology; Design and communication graphics.
  • Subject (Junior Certificate)
    Ancient Greek; Art, craft & design; Business studies; Classical studies; English; French; Geography; German; Hebrew studies; History; Home economics; Irish; Italian; Latin; Material technology (wood); Mathematics; Metalwork; Music; Religious education; Science; Spanish; Technical graphics; Technology; Typewriting; Civic, social and political education.
  • Examination level (Leaving Certificate)
    Higher; Ordinary; Foundation.
  • Examination level (Junior Certificate)
    Higher; Ordinary; Common; Foundation.
  • Grade (Leaving Certificate)
    A1; A2; B1; B2; B3; C1; C2; C3; D1; D2; D3; E; F; NG.
  • Grade (Leaving Certificate Applied)
    Distinction; Merit; Pass; Record of credits.
  • Grade (Junior Certificate)
    A; B; C; D; E; F; NG.


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