National Income and Expenditure


Central Statistics Office (CSO)

Key information

Gross Domestic Product (GDP), Gross National Product (GNP), Gross National Income (GNI) and Gross National Disposable Income; chain-linked volume measures, measures per head of population and per person in employment; annual percentage changes in the main aggregates, Net Value Added at factor cost and Net National Income at market prices, Net Value Added at factor cost by sector of origin, Gross Value Added at factor cost by sector of origin, expenditure on Gross National Income, Gross National Disposable Income and its use. Many measures are given at both current and constant market prices. The detailed tables provide further information on: Volume index numbers of gross national income and its expenditure constituents; Personal income expenditure; Net current income and expenditure of central and local government, Savings and capital formation; Gross national investment; Distribution of personal income and its relationship to net national product at factor cost; Gross domestic physical capital formation and the Balance of international payments.

A Methods and Quality Report is available for this statistic.


The national accounts are derived from a wide variety of sources.


All economic activity.



Reference period

Calendar year

Start date



6 months after the end of the reference period (annual release), 8 months after the end of the reference period (detailed tables)


  • Economic sector
    Agriculture, forestry and fishing;Industry (excl. construction); Construction; Distribution, transport, hotels and restaurants; Information and communication; Financial and insurance activities; Real estate activities; Professional, administration and support services; Public administration, education and health; Arts, entertainment and other services
  • Fixed capital
    Dwellings; Roads; Other building and construction; Costs associated with transfer of land and buildings; Transport equipment; Agricultural machinery; Other machinery and equipment; Software; Exploration; Artistic originals; Research and development
  • Personal income distribution
    Remuneration of employees (Agriculture, etc; Domestic non-agriculture; Foreign; Employers' contribution to social insurance); Income of independent traders etc (Agriculture, etc; Non-agriculture); Interest earned and dividends received; Adjustment for FISIM on interest earned; Rent of private dwellings; Interest paid (prior to adjustment for FISIM); Adjustment for FISIM on interest paid; Current transfers to households
  • Personal income consumption
    Food, beverages and tobacco (Food (excl. meals out); ; Non-alcoholic beverages; Alcoholic beverages(total including pubs); Tobacco; Clothing and footwear; Housing (rent, local government charges, repairs and decorations, imputed rent); Fuel and power(excluding motor fuels); Household equipment and operation (Durable household goods; Non-durable goods and services); Transport and communication (Personal transport equipment; Operation of personal transport equipment(incl. motor fuels); Public transport; Communication); Recreation, entertainment and education (Equipment and accessories; Services (incl. education)); Miscellaneous goods and services (Professional services(incl. medical goods and services; Goods; Services;FISIM); Expenditure outside the State; Expenditure by non-residents.
  • Current receipts
    Taxes on income and wealth; Taxes on expenditure; Social insurance contributions; Gross trading income; Investment income (Local government; Land annuities - interest; Other Irish sources); Transfers from local government; Transfers from the rest of the world; Miscellaneous receipts.
  • Capital receipts
    Taxes on capital; Loan repayments and equity sales (Local government; Land annuities - principal; Other); Transfers from the rest of the world; Borrowing.
  • Current expenditure
    Subsidies; National debt interest (Paid to residents; Paid to rest of the world); Land bond interest; Transfer payments (To residents; To rest of the world); Expenditure on goods and services (Wages, salaries and pensions; Other); Grants to local government.
  • Capital expenditure
    Grants to enterprises; Other transfer payments; Redemption of securities; Loans and share capital (Local government; Other); Gross physical capital formation; Grants to local government; Payments to the rest of the world.
  • Taxes on income and wealth
    Income tax; Corporation tax; Motor tax; Other taxes; Fees under the Petroleum and Minerals Development Acts; Training and Employment Levy; Income Levy; Levies under Sections 93 and 94 of Finance Act, 1986; Social insurance contribution.
  • Taxes on capital
    Estate, etc duties; Capital gains tax; Capital acquisitions tax.
  • Taxes on expenditure
    Customs duties; Excise duties including VRT; Value added tax; Residential property tax; Rates; Motor tax; Stamps; Fee stamps; Agricultural levies; Broadcasting licence fee; Other fees.
  • Expenditure purpose
    Defence; Other central government services; Education; Health; Social security and welfare; Housing; Other community and social services; Agriculture, forestry and fishing; Mining, manufacturing and construction; Transport and communication; Other economic services; Public debt; Unallocated by function.
  • Social protection function
    Sickness; Invalidity/disability; Occupational accidents and diseases; Old-age; Survivors; Maternity; Family; Placement, vocational guidance and resettlement; Unemployment; Housing; Miscellaneous


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