Enterprise Innovation


Central Statistics Office (CSO)

Key information

Percentage of total turnover attributed to product innovation activities by sector, size of enterprise, and product innovation type; cooperation by innovative enterprises by type of cooperation partner, sector and size of enterprise; innovative enterprises by type of innovation, sector and size of enterprise; innovation expenditure by type of expenditure, sector and size of enterprise; hampering factors to innovative activities by sector and type of enterprise and organisational innovation by sector and size of enterprise.

A Methods and Quality Report is available for this statistic.


The Community Innovation Survey (also known as Innovation in Irish Enterprises) is conducted by the CSO.


Enterprises with ten or more persons engaged in Mining and quarrying; Manufacturing; Electricity, gas and water supply; Wholesale trade; Transport, storage and communications; Financial intermediation; Computer and related activities; Architectural and engineering activities; Technical testing and analysis.


Every 2 years

Reference period

3 calendar years

Start date



Final publication 18 months after the end of the reference period


  • Enterprise size
    Small (10-49); Medium (50-249); Large (250+).
  • Innovation types
    Product innovation; Process innovation; Ongoing/abandoned innovation.
  • Innovation expenditure types
    Intramural R&D; Extramural R&D; Machinery, equipment and software; External knowledge.
  • Organisational innovation types
    New business practices; New knowledge management systems; New methods of organising external relations.
  • Sector
    Industry; Services.
  • Innovation hampering factors
    Lack of funds; Lack of external finance; Innovation costs too high; Lack of qualified personnel; Lack of information on technology; Lack of information on markets; Need to meet Government regulations; Difficulty in finding cooperation partners; Excessive perceived economic risk; Market dominated by established enterprises; Uncertain demand.
  • Innovation cooperation partner
    Within own group; Suppliers of equipment; Clients/customers; Competitors; Consultants/labs; Universities/third level; Government.


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