Credit, Money and Banking


Central Bank of Ireland

Key information

Official external reserves; domestic credit and private-sector credit to Irish residents; Irish contributions to Euro Area Money Supply; financial statement of the Central Bank & Financial Services Authority of Ireland; consolidated balance sheet for the Irish monetary sector; aggregate balance sheets (all credit institutions, retail clearing, non-clearing domestic, non-clearing foreign, mortgage lenders); interest rates; credit card statistics; analysis by geographic area, currency, sector, and maturity of the international business of credit institutions.


Central Bank of Ireland.


All lending, monetary and banking activities.



Reference period

End of month and quarter.

Start date

January 1999


The last working day of the month following the reference period


  • Official external reserves
    Gold; SDRs; Reserve position in IMF; Foreign exchange.
  • Monetary sector liabilities and assets
    Liabilities (Deposits from Irish residents; Debt securities issued; Deposits from non-residents; Capital and reserves; Borrowing from the Eurosystem relating to monetary policy operations; Remaining Liabilities); Assets (Loans to Irish residents; Holdings of securities issued by Irish residents; Loans to non-residents; Holdings of securities issued by non-residents; Central bank balances; Remaining assets).
  • Economic sector
    Primary Industries, Manufacturing; Electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning supply; Water supply, sewerage, waste management and remediation activities; Construction; Wholesale/retail trade & repairs; Transportation and Storage; Hotels and restaurants; Information and Communication; Financial intermediation; Real estate, land and development activities; Business and Administration Services; Other community, social & personal services; Education; Human health and social work; Personal (private households) and charities.
  • Interest rates
    Eurosystem official interest rates; Interbank market - Euribor; Clearing banks prime rates - Ireland; Retail interest rates on loans to households and NFCs; Retail interest rates on deposits from households and NFCs.
  • Credit cards
    Personal; Business.
  • Geographic area
    Ireland; Other Monetary Union Member States; Rest of World.


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