Continuing Vocational Training


Central Statistics Office (CSO)

Key information

Percentage of enterprises by type of training, staff participating on training courses by gender, number of days on training courses per employee, percentage of time spent training by type of training course and reason for the course, training costs as a percentage of total labour costs, past and future plans for training staff and reasons for not providing training courses. The statistics are also classified by economic sector.

A Methods and Quality Report is available for this statistic.


The CSO Continuing Vocational Training Survey, conducted as part of the CSO National Employment Survey. The first two surveys (CVTS1 and CVTS2) were carried out by FÁS.


Enterprises with three or more employees in the public and private sectors, excluding agriculture, forestry and fishing.


Every 5 years

Reference period

Calendar year

Start date

2005 (from the CSO)


About 24 months after the end of the reference period


  • Economic sector
    C-E Mining, quarrying, manufacturing and electricity, gas and water supply; F Construction; G Wholesale and retail trade; H Hotels and restaurants; I Transport, storage and communications; J Financial services; K Real estate, renting and other business activities; L Public administration and defence; M Education; N Health; O Other services.
  • Enterprise size
    3 to 49 employees; 50 to 249 employees; 250+ employees.
  • Training type
    Internal training courses; External training courses; Planned on-the job training; Planned training through job rotation, exchanges, study visits etc; Planned training through learning/quality circles; Planned training by self directed learning; Attendances at conferences, workshops, trade fairs, lectures etc; All other forms of training.
  • Training course type
    Language; Sales and marketing; Accounting, finance, office work; Management, administration; Personal development, working life; Computer science, computer usage; Engineering, manufacturing, construction; Environment protection, health and safety; Military, personal, transport, protection of property, persons; Other subject.


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