Small business in Ireland


Central Statistics Office (CSO)

Key information

For industrial, services and construction businesses, the number of enterprises, the persons engaged, turnover, gross value added, nationality of ownership and share of ownership by nationality classified by employment size class; the number of manufacturing local units and service enterprises by economic sector, employment size class and by region; gross output exports of manufacturing local units by employment size and family ownership in services enterprises by employment size class. Statistics are also provided on earnings, labour costs, and the knowledge economy. Sectoral and international comparisons are also provided.



CSO Census of Industrial Production; CSO Annual Services Inquiry; CSO Census of Building and Construction; CSO National Employment Survey; CSO Enterprise Survey of e-commerce and ICT; CSO Quarterly National Household Survey; information from Eurostat.


Industrial, services and construction businesses with less than 50 persons employed.



Reference period

Calendar year mainly

Start date

Mainly 2004, with some statistics starting from 2000


About 30 months after the end of the year covered by the report


  • Employment size class (Industry)
    3-9 employees; 10-19; 20-49; 50+ employees.
  • Employment size class (Services)
    Services: 1-9 employees; 10-19; 20-49; 50+ employees.
  • Employment size class (Construction)
    Construction: 20-49 employees; 50+ employees.
  • Economic sector
    C-D Manufacturing; E Electricity, gas and water supply; F Construction; G Wholesale and retail trade; H Hotels and restaurants; I Transport, storage and communication; J Financial intermediation; K Business services; M Education; N Health and Social Work; O Other services.
  • Occupational group (broad)
    Highly skilled non-manual; Low skilled non-manual; Skilled manual; Elementary occupations.
  • Occupational group
    Managers and administrators; Professional; Associate professional and technical; Clerical and secretarial; Craft and related trades; Personal and protective services; Sales; Plant and machine operatives; Other.
  • Nationality
    Irish; UK; EU15 (excl Ireland and UK); Accession States EU15 to EU27; Other.
  • Region (NUTS2)
    Border, Midland and Western; Southern and Eastern.
  • Export area
    UK; USA; Rest of EU; Rest of world.


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