Household Budget Survey


Central Statistics Office (CSO)

Key information

Weekly household expenditure by location, by category, by region, by household tenure. Disposable income by household tenure, by social group, by livelihood status of reference person, by household composition, and by detailed item of expenditure. Taxation by location, farm and non-farm incomes for farm households, state benefits, income distribution and poverty measures, possession of household appliances, usage of household facilities. Average size and composition of households. Household income and expenditure by social group of reference person, by household size. Credit payments, imputed expenditure, holidays, quantities consumed and purchasing by location, by livelihood, by income quintile, by region.

A Methods and Quality Report is available for this statistic.


The CSO Household Budget Survey.


All private households.


Every 5 years

Reference period

Information is based on the intervening 12 months from the date of survey (June to June).

Start date



One and a half years to two years after the end of the reference period.


  • Commodity groups
    Commodity groups
  • Region (NUTS3)
    Border; Dublin; Mid-East; Midland; Mid-West; South-East; South-West; West.
  • Housing occupancy
    Housing occupancy
  • Economic status (of reference person)
    Self-employed; Employee/CES; Out of work; Retired; Other.
  • Household appliances
    Vacuum cleaner; Tumble dryer; Washing machine; Dishwasher; Refrigerator; Refrigerator with freezer; Separate deep freeze; Microwave oven; Deep fat fryer; Liquidiser; Food processor; Television set; Communal TV reception; Video player; DVD player; Stereo; CD Player; Home computer; Games console; Camcorder.
  • Household facilities
    Piped water - cold; Piped water - hot; Bath or shower; Toilet (internal); Piped gas; Electricity; Telephone (fixed); Answering machine; Mobile phone; Mobile phone insurance; Double glazing; Burglar alarm; Internet access (ISDN; Broadband; Phone link); Garage; Patio doors; Conservatory; Garden/lawn; Attic insulation; Motor car - one only; Motor car - 2 or more; Motor cycle; Touring caravan; Second home.
  • Direct income
    Employees wages/salaries; Self employed, non farm; Self employed, farming; Retirement pensions; Investment income; Property income; Own garden/farm produce; Other direct income.
  • State transfer payments
    Child benefit; Old age & retirement pensions; Widows' & orphans' pensions; Other long term social welfare; Unemployment benefits & assistance; Back to work allowances; Back to education allowance; Farm assist; Carerís allowance; Carerís benefit; Education grants/scholarships; Other state transfers.
  • Direct taxation
    Income tax; Social insurance.
  • Activity composition
    Not yet at school; At school (Primary; Secondary; Third level); At work (Employee & assisting relative, CES; Self-employed); Unemployed (Out of work; Looking for first job); Not economically active (Home duties; Retired; Other); Persons at work with a subsidiary job.
  • Age of reference person
    less than 25 years; 25 to 34 years; 35 to 44 years; 45 to 54 years; 55 to 64 years; 65+ years.
  • Social class (of reference person)
    Higher professional, lower professional, employers and managers; Own-account workers, Non-manual workers; Manual skilled workers; Semi-skilled manual workers, Unskilled manual workers; Farmers, agricultural workers, all other gainfully occupied and unknown.
  • Household composition
    1 Adult; 2 Adults; 1 adult with children; 2 Adults with 1-3 children; 3+ adults; Other households with children.
  • Household size
    1 person; 2; 3; 4; 5; 6; 7; 8; 9; 10+ persons.
  • Location
    Urban areas; Rural areas (Farm households; Other households All rural households).


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