National Average Prices


Central Statistics Office (CSO)

Key information

The national average prices of certain individual consumable items relating mainly to food and drink etc.

A Methods and Quality Report is available for this statistic.



Monthly CSO Consumer Price Index survey.


Consumer goods and services purchased by private households in the country and foreign tourists holidaying in Ireland.



Reference period

Prices are collected over a period of more than one week i.e. Monday prior to the second Tuesday of the month up to and including the third Tuesday of the month

Start date

January 1997


Eight weeks from reference period


  • Consumer Item
    Sirloin steak; Striploin steak; Roast beef topside/rib; Sliced/diced beef pieces; Lamb whole leg; Lamb loin chops; Lamb gigot chops ; Lambs liver; Pork loin chops; Pork steak; Best back rashers; Ham fillet; Uncooked chicken medium; Cooked ham; Pork sausages; Fresh fillet of whiting; Fresh fillet of cod; Fresh salmon; Fresh fillet of plaice; Smoked salmon; Tomatoes tinned; Potatoes; Tomatoes; Onions; Broccoli; Carrots; Mushrooms; Grapes; Bananas; Full fat milk; Low fat milk; Irish cheddar; Butter; Large eggs; Medium eggs; Bread white sliced; Bread brown sliced; White, self-raising flour; Brown, wholemeal flour; White granulated sugar; Tea bags; Spaghetti; Jam; Marmalade; Orange juice; Stout; Lager; Cider; Whiskey; Brandy; Vodka; Flavoured alcoholic drinks; Cream liqueur; Sherry; Wine; Ale; Filtered cigarettes; Cinema fee; Nightclubs fee; Gent's haircut - dry cut fee; Gent's haircut - wash, cut and blow dry fee; Ladies wash, cut and blow dry fee; Petrol; Diesel.


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