June Crops and Livestock Survey


Central Statistics Office (CSO)

Key information

The number of cattle, sheep and other livestock, the area under crops and pasture by region.

A Methods and Quality Report is available for this statistic.


The CSO June Crops and Livestock Survey and the CSO June Pig Survey.


Farms where the agricultural area used was at least 1 hectare. Farms with less than 1 hectare are also included if they were engaged in intensive production (e.g. of pigs or poultry).



Reference period

June of the survey year

Start date



Provisional estimates 16 weeks after the end of the reference period, final estimates 10 months after the end of the reference period


  • Region (modified NUTS3)
    Border; Mid-East & Dublin combined; Midland; Mid-West; South-East; South-West; West.
  • Crops
    Wheat (Winter wheat; Spring wheat); Oats (Winter oats; Spring oats); Barley (Winter barley; Spring barley); Other cereals; Beans and peas; Oilseed rape; Arable Silage; Maize Silage; Fodder rape and kale; Potatoes; Turnips; Sugar beet; Fodder beet; Vegetables for sale; Fruit; Nurseries, horticulture etc; Other crops (incl fallow land); Silage; Hay; Pasture; Rough grazing in use.
  • Livestock
    Breeding cattle (Dairy cows; Other cows; Dairy heifers; Other heifers; Bulls); Other cattle (Male, 2 years and over; Female, 2 years and over; Male, 1-2 years; Female; 1-2 years; Male, under 1 year; Female, under 1 year); Breeding sheep (Ewes (2 years and over; Under 2 years); Rams); Other sheep; Breeding pigs (Female breeding pigs; Boars); Other pigs (20kg and over; Less than 20kg); Horses and ponies; Mules, jennets and asses; Goats; Farmed deer.


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