Road Freight Transport


Central Statistics Office (CSO)

Key information

Transport activity (tonnes carried and tonne-km), distinguishing own account and hire and reward, classified by business of owner, by vehicle capacity, by unladen weight, by region, by quarter, by vehicle and body type, by type of journey and axle configuration, by region of origin and region of destination, by country of origin and country of destination. Numbers of vehicles by unladen weight and year of manufacture.

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CSO National Survey of Transport of Goods by Road.


The activity of Irish-registered vehicles belonging to the motor taxation class "Goods vehicles with an unladen weight of 2 tonnes and over" which are engaged in the carriage of goods (on own account or for hire or reward) on the public road.



Reference period

Calendar year

Start date



7 months after the end of the reference period


  • Enterprise activity (of owner)
    Transport; Manufacturing industry; Mining & quarrying; Creameries & agricultural co-operative societies; Manufacture of food & feeding stuffs; Manufacture of drink & tobacco; Manufacture of glass, cement & clay products; Other manufacturing; Building & Construction; Distribution; Agriculture & livestock dealing; Local authorities; Other.
  • Commodity (NST/R Chapter)
    Agricultural products and live animals; Foodstuffs and animal fodder; Solid mineral fuels; Petroleum products; Ores and metal waste; Metal products; Crude and manufactured minerals & building materials; Fertilisers; Chemicals; Machinery, transport equipment, manufactured articles & miscellaneous articles; Mixed Loads.
  • Country of origin/destination
    Austria; Belgium; Czech Republic; Denmark; France; Germany; Greece; Hungary; Ireland; Italy; Luxembourg; Netherlands; Poland; Portugal; Spain; Sweden; United Kingdom; Other EU; Other Countries.
  • Region of origin/destination
    Border; Midland; West; Dublin; Mid-East; Mid-West; South-East; South-West; Northern Ireland; Other Countries.
  • Vehicle type of work done
    Import/export work; Carriage of livestock; Carriage of other farm produce from farms; Carriage of fertilisers; feedingstuffs etc to farms; Delivery of goods to road works or building sites; Delivery of goods to retail outlets; Delivery of goods to wholesalers; Delivery of materials and fuels to factories; Delivery of goods to households; Other work.
  • Journey type
    National journeys; International journeys (Goods loaded in Ireland; Goods unloaded in Ireland; Cross trade; Cabotage)
  • Haul length
    Six distance categories.
  • Vehicle capacity
    Seven weight categories.
  • Vehicle weight (unladen)
    Five weight categories.
  • Vehicle type
    Rigid/rigid with trailer; Articulated.
  • Vehicle body type
    Platform or sided; Tipper; Tanker or other bulk carrier; Insulated or refrigerated box; Box or van body; Livestock carrier; Other.
  • Vehicle axle configuration
    Rigid (2 axle; 3 axle; Other rigid); Rigid + trailer; Articulated (3 axle; 4 axle; 5 axle; Other).


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