Retail Sales Index


Central Statistics Office (CSO)

Key information

Seasonally adjusted indices of the value and volume of retail sales, by retail business type and combined business group.

A Methods and Quality Report is available for this statistic.


CSO Retail Sales Inquiry.


The retail sales of retail businesses, wholesale businesses with sizeable retailing activity, and the separate sales establishments of non-distribution enterprises. Excluded are the direct retail sales from non-distribution establishments, incidental retail sales of wholesale businesses, and sales by hawkers, street stalls and other retailing activities not conducted from permanent business premises.



Reference period

The period of four or five weeks that corresponds most closely to the relevant calendar month

Start date

January 1996 (Base 1995=100)


First estimates are produced 5 weeks after the end of the reference month and are finalised in the following month


  • Retail business type
    Motor trades; Non specalised stores; Department stores; Food beverages & tobacco; Fuel; Pharmaceuticals, medical and cosmetic articles; Clothing, footwear and textiles; Furniture and lighting; Hardware, paints and glass; Electrical goods; Books, newspapers and stationery; Other retail sales; Bars.
  • Combined business group
    All businesses; All businesses excl motor trades; All businesses excl motor trades & bars; Motors & fuel; All businesses excl. motor trades fuel & bars; Food businesses; Non food (Excl. motor trades fuel & bars); Household equipment; Books, newspapers, stationery & other goods.


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