National Farm Survey



Key information

Family farm income, direct payments, subsidies, direct and overhead costs, new investment, area owned, livestock numbers etc by farming system and farm size.


Annual statistical survey conducted by Teagasc, based on a random sample of farms selected by the CSO.


Farms falling into the Pigs/Poultry system are excluded.



Reference period

Calendar year

Start date



Typically 7 months after the end of the reference period


  • Farming system
    Dairying; Dairying & other; Cattle rearing; Cattle other; Mainly sheep; Mainly tillage.
  • Land
    Area owned; Set-aside; Tillage (Cereals; Sugar beet; Potatoes); Grassland (Silage; Hay; Pasture); Rough grazing; UAA.
  • Livestock
    Cattle (Dairy cows; Other cows; Heifers-in-calf; Bulls); Sheep (Ewes; Other sheep); Grazing livestock units (Dairy Cows; Other Cattle; Sheep; Horses).
  • Farm output
    Livestock (Dairying (Milk); Cattle; Sheep & Wool; Pigs; Poultry; Horses; Other); Crops (Wheat; Barley, Feeding; Barley, Malting; Oats; Potatoes; Sugar Beet; Set-aside; Other); Machinery Hire Revenue; Other Current Receipts; Grants and Subsidies (REPS; D.A.C.A.S.); Income from Land let; Income from Quota let; Inter-Enterprise Transactions.
  • Farm costs
    Direct costs (Purchased concentrates; Purchased bulky feed; Fertiliser; Crop protection; Purchased seed; Hire of machinery; Transport; Livestock (AI vet etc); Casual labour; Rent of quota; Other; Fodder crop adjustment); Overhead costs (Rent of conacre; Car, Electricity, Phone; Current hired labour; Interest charges; Machinery depreciation; Machinery operating; Buildings depreciation; Buildings maintenance; Land improvement depreciation; Land improvement maintenance; Lime; Other).
  • Marital status
    Married; Widowed; Single.


Business Sectors - Agriculture and Fishing

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