Fuel and Energy Costs, Prices and Taxes


Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI)

Key information

For domestic and commercial fuels: average price per unit, gross calorific value (kWh/unit) and delivered energy cost (cent/kWh). Comparison of useful energy costs for space heating by efficiency ratings.


SEI survey.


All commercial and domestic fuels.



Reference period

Start of calendar quarter

Start date

1981 (annual), October 1988 (quarterly)


2 months after the end of the reference period


  • Fuel form (Commercial)
    Coal (Industrial Fines); Oil (Gas Oil; Light Fuel Oil; Medium Fuel Oil; Heavy Fuel Oil); L.P.G (Commercial Cylinders; Bulk L.P.G. (0-3 tonnes); Bulk L.P.G. (3.1-40 tonnes)); Natural Gas (0 - 6,000 kWh; 6,001 - 15,000 kWh; 15,001 - 30,000 kWh; 30,001+ kWh; Small Business <73,000; Medium Business >73,000); Electricity PES Tariffs (Unrestricted Space Heating; Night Space Heating; Industrial Maximum Demand; H.T. (10/20kV) 1,000kW Load; Industrial Maximum Demand; L.T. 500kW Load); Wood (Fuel Chips; Pellets; Pellets bagged).
  • Fuel form (Domestic)
    Peat briquettes; Baled; Brown coal nuggets; Coal (Premium coal; Standard coal; Standard anthracite; Grade A anthracite; Ovoids, smokeless); Oil (Gas oil; Kerosene); LPG (Bulk LPG; Bottled butane 11.35kg; Bottled propane 34kg; Bottled propane 47kg); Natural gas (Standard rate; Reducing 0 - 585 kWh; next 585 kWh; over 1170 kWh; Low User Commitment Rate; High User Commitment Rate; New Standard Rate; New Reducing 0 - 3490 kWh; Over 3490 kWh); Electricity PES Tariffs (General domestic rate; Night saver - day; Night saver - night); Wood (Pellets bulk delivery; Pellets bagged; Briquettes).
  • Sector
    Industry; Household; Electricity generation; Other.
  • Energy type
    High sulphur fuel oil - industry (incl tax); Heavy fuel oil - electricity generation (incl tax); Low sulphur fuel oil - industry; Low sulphur fuel oil - electricity generation; Light fuel oil - industry (incl tax); Light fuel oil - household (incl tax); Automotive diesel - commercial user (incl tax); Automotive diesel - non-commercial user (incl tax); Premium unleaded gasoline 98 RON (incl tax); Premium unleaded gasoline 95 RON (incl tax); Regular unleaded gasoline; Leaded gasoline; Natural gas - industry (excl tax); Natural gas - household (incl tax); Natural gas - electricity generation; Steam coal - electricity generation; Steam coal - industry; Steam coal - household; Coking coal - industry; Automotive LPG - commercial; Automotive LPG - non-commercial; Electricity - Industry (excl tax); Electricity - Household (incl tax).
  • Heating types (Commercial)
    Solid fuel boiler; Gas- or oil-fired boiler or air heater; Storage heater; Electric heater; Direct gas-fired heater; Wood boiler.
  • Heating types (Domestic)
    Room heater (Peat; Coal; Gas); Open fire with high-output back boiler; Open fire - solid fuel or gas DFE16; Oil-fired boiler; Gas-fired boiler; Electric fire; Flueless gas/storage heater; Wood boiler; Condensing boiler.


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