Energy Balance


Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI)

Key information

The imports, production, primary supply, transformation input and output, and consumption (by industry, transport, residential, and commercial/public services) of each type of fuel, in ktoe (kilo tonne oil equivalent).


Central Statistics Office; Department of Communications, Marine and Natural Resources; Department of Environment, Heritage and Local Government; Department of Transport; Environmental Protection Agency; ESB National Grid; European Commission DG TREN; EU funded SAVE II Odyssee Project; Eurostat; Met Éireann; Vehicle Registration Unit.


Fuel production, supply and consumption for all types of energy.



Reference period

Calendar year

Start date



Provisional energy balance in April and final balance at the end of October, following the reference year


  • Energy and fuel types
    Coal (Bituminous; Anthracite; Coke; Lignite); Peat (Milled; Sod; Briquettes); Oil; (Crude; Refinery gas; Gasoline; Kerosene; Jet kerosene; Fuel oil; LPG; Gasoil/Diesel/DERV; Petroleum coke; Naphta; Bitumen; White spirit; Lubricants); Natural gas; Renewables (Hydro; Wind; Biomass; Landfill gas; Biogas; Liquid biofuel; Solar; Geothermal); Electricity; Heat.
  • Energy supply
    Indigenous production; Imports; Exports; Marine bunkers; Stock change; Transformation input (Public thermal power plants; Combined heat and power plants; Pumped storage consumption; Briquetting plants; Oil refineries & other energy sector); Transformation output (Public thermal power plants; Combined heat and power plants - electricity; Combined heat and power plants - heat; Pumped storage generation; Briquetting plants; Oil refineries); Exchanges and transfers (Electricity; Heat; Other); Own use and distribution losses.
  • Energy consumption
    Non-energy consumption; Industry (Non-energy mining; Food, beverages and tobacco; Textiles and textile products; Wood and wood products; Pulp, paper, publishing and printing; Chemicals & man-made fibres; Rubber and plastic products; Other non-metallic mineral products; Basic metals and fabricated metal products; Machinery and equipment nec; Electrical and optical equipment; Transport equipment manufacture; Other manufacturing); Transport (Road freight; Road private car; Public passenger services; Rail; Domestic aviation; International aviation; Fuel tourism; Unspecified); Residential; Commercial services; Public services; Agricultural.


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