Affluent or deprived

15 July 2014

The Pobal HP Deprivation Index is a method of measuring the relative affluence or disadvantage of a particular geographical area using data compiled from various censuses. A scoring is given to the area based on a national average of zero and ranging from approximately -35 (being the most disadvantaged) to +35 (being the most affluent). The data can be viewed as raw data or through Pobal Maps, a free online Geographical Information System map viewer. See the Deprivation Index entry recently added under the Social Conditions theme.

Increase in sporting participation

18 February 2014

There was an increase in sporting participation from 45% in 2011 to 47% in the first half of 2013. Personal exercise remains the most popular sporting activity, with running seeing a notable increase in participation (from 6% to 9%). Younger females may be transitioning their physical activity from recreational walking to running. See the Recreational Sport and Exercise entry under the Health theme.

The Irish Statistical System Code of Practice

25 November 2013

The Irish Statistical System Code of Practice (ISSCoP) was launched at a Statistical Symposium on Safeguarding Trust in Official Statistics held at the Statistical and Social Society of Ireland in the Royal Irish Academy, 19 Dawson St., Dublin 2 on the 21st November 2013. For the purpose of the ISS CoP, ‘Official Statistics’ will be agreed between the Director General of the Central Statistics Office (CSO) and the head of the relevant public authority where they are considered to be of sufficient public interest and satisfy specified criteria. For further details go to

Our environment

06 June 2013

For a comprehensive environmental report covering such areas as air, greenhouse gas and climate change, water, land use, energy, transport, waste, biodiversity and heritage, and environmental economy see the CSO’s Environmental Indicators Ireland report. This report draws together 92 indicators about environmental data from various government departments and agencies and compares Ireland with other EU states. See the Environmental Indicators entry recently added under the Environment theme.

All about the kids

11 March 2013

State of the Nation's Children Report: Ireland 2012 recently published by the Department of Children and Youth Affairs reveals Ireland now has the highest proportion of children of any EU country, accounting for 25% of the population. The proportion of children who have never smoked cigarettes has increased from 50.8% in 1998 to 73.5% in 2010. The proportion of children who have never had an alcoholic drink has increased from 40.0% in 2002 to 54.1% in 2010 and the number of babies born to teenage girls decreased by 36% between 2007 and 2011. See State of the Nation’s Children under the Social Conditions theme.

How many bicycles were used daily in your area?

04 February 2013

Small Area Population Statistics are Census 2011 statistics produced by the CSO for a range of geographical levels from state to small areas. The interactive mapping tool SAPMAP allows users to navigate to their location of interest by using the address search facility or by pinpointing a location on the map. They can then select the geographic boundary they are interested in and access all of the 2011 Census tables that have been produced for that area. These tables can also be downloaded in pdf or excel format. See the Travel to Work School and College entry under the Tourism and Travel theme and go to SAPS link to answer the question above.

Our Prisons in Figures

12 September 2012

The Irish Prison Service annual report 2011 reveals increasing number of prisoners being committed to custody. However, the increase for 2011 was less than in previous years with a 0.8% increase over the 2010 figures compared with increases of 11.4 and 13.8 percent in the previous 2 years. A snapshot of prison population on 30th November 2011 shows 291 prisoners (7.9%) were serving life sentences and another 290 (7.8%) were serving determinate sentences of 10 years or more. Irish nationals accounted for 89.6% of the total number of persons in custody under sentence. See Prison Committals and Population under the Crime and Justice theme.

FETAC Awards

14 June 2012

The Further Education and Training Awards Council (FETAC) is the statutory awarding body for further education and training in Ireland. FETAC makes quality assured awards that are part of the National Framework of Qualifications (NFQ) from levels 1-6. See the latest 2011 statistics linked from the Further Education and Training Awards entry under the Education theme.

Irelands Competitiveness

02 May 2012

A comprehensive assessment of Irelands competitiveness performance is presented in the publication 'Irelands Competitiveness Scorecard' from the National Competitiveness Council. Using over 120 statistical indicators the report provides insights into Irelands ability to compete on world markets. The indicators are drawn from data sources such as Forfás, OECD, Eurostat, CSO and others. See the Irelands Competitiveness entry under the Prices theme.

Public Expenditure and Staffing

29 February 2012

Detailed information on current and capital spending by Government Departments and agencies and numbers of public service staff employed is now available from The Department of Public Expenditure and Reform. See the Public Expenditure and Staffing entry under the Government Revenue and Expenditure theme.

Energy Disconnections

30 September 2011

The Commission for Energy Regulation now reports on the number of electricity and gas disconnections due to non payment by both domestic and commercial customers. The level of disconnection was reasonably consistent during 2007 to 2009. However there was a significant increase in the number of disconnections in 2010, peaking in July and August at 2,353 and 2,118 respectively. Despite difficult economic circumstances persisting, disconnection rates in the first six months of 2011 have, on average, been lower than during the first six months of the previous year. See Energy Disconnections under the Energy Theme.

Workplace Injury Illness and Fatality

21 July 2011

The HSA recently launched the Summary of Workplace Injury Illness and Fatality Statistics 2009-2010. This annual summary of statistics aims to provide information on some of the most common queries on occupational injury, illness and workplace fatalities. Data from different sources is combined to facilitate the review and monitoring of trends across a range of factors related to workplace injury and illness. See the Workplace Injuries entries under the Health theme.

Property Price Movements

12 July 2011

The new Residential Property Price Index from the CSO measures the change in the average level of prices paid for residential properties sold in Ireland. In May 2011 house prices in Dublin were almost 46% lower than at their highest level in early 2007. Apartments in Dublin were 53% lower than they were in February 2007. The fall in the price of residential properties in the Rest of Ireland was somewhat lower at 38%. See this Residential Property Price Index entry under the Prices theme.

Staying in School

31 May 2011

The number of students staying in school to complete their second level education is now at its highest rate ever. The latest Department of Education and Skills report shows that County Longford has the highest retention rate in the country at 89.4%, followed by Mayo at 88.6%. Cities tend to have lower rates of retention than other areas. Limerick City (77.6%), Dublin City (80.1%) and Cork City (80.6%) had the lowest rates. The Retention Rates of Pupils in Second Level Schools report presents retention rates by entry cohort year, milestone, sex, administrative county, region, and school type are presented. EU comparative statistics are also presented. You can find this current and previous reports in the Staying in School entry under the Education theme.


13 May 2011

Traffic counter sensors embedded in the national road network provides hourly, daily, monthly and yearly data on traffic using these routes. The National Roads Authority presents statistics on specific national road traffic average daily volumes per month, bank holiday directional volumes and average hourly directional volumes and percentages attributable to heavy goods vehicles. See the Traffic on National Roads entry under the Transport theme.

Training Awards

11 May 2011

2010 FETAC statistics on further education training awards is now available. The age group with the highest number of awards is the 20-24 age bracket at 15% and the majority of awards were made in the Southern and Eastern region with 74% of all awards. See all these figures and more linked from the Further Education and Training Awards entry under the Education theme.

Employment in Enterprise Agency-Assisted Companies

18 April 2011

Detailed statistics from Forfás on employment by Irish and foreign-owned companies supported by enterprise development agencies now available on StatCentral. Information on job gains, losses and employment numbers are presented by sector and region. This entry can be found under the Labour Market theme.

First Preferences for College places

23 March 2011

There have been significant changes in the CAO first preferences for college places in 2011. Compared to 2010 Agriculture and Horticulture is up by 45%. Courses in the Built Environment are down by 25% along with Architecture down by 14%. Dentistry is down by 15% but Pharmacy is up by 15%. See all the figures linked from the Higher Education Applicants entry under the Education theme.

How clean is your Drinking Water?

01 March 2011

There has been a 50 per cent reduction in the detection of E.coli in Irish public drinking water in the last two years, according to the third quality of drinking water report just released by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Detailed information is presented by individual Water Service Authority. See the Dinking Water entry under the Environment theme.

Where does your Waste go?

01 March 2011

Virtually all metals, paper, cardboard and glass collected by municipals for recycling are exported abroad for recovery. The United Kingdom is the principal primary destination for this municipal recyclable waste with China being second on the list. All this and more waste facts are contained in the EPAs annual National Waste Report. See the Waste Management entry under the Environment theme.

Consequences of Drugs

01 February 2011

Detailed information on drug-related deaths and deaths of drug users are now available from the Health Research Board. Number of poisoning deaths by gender, year, age group, median age, place of residence, type of drug involved and regional drug task force areas are presented as well as statistics on deaths among drug users. This entry can be found under the Births, Deaths and Marriages theme.

Most Popular Cars in 2010

20 January 2011

The highest number of new private cars licensed in 2010, classified by make, was Ford (10,650) followed by Toyota (10,434), Volkswagen (9,987) and Renault (9,632). You can find details from the CSO on the number of new and used vehicles licensed for the first time under the Transport theme.

PPSNs Issued in 2010

12 January 2011

You can check out the number of new Personal Public Service Numbers (PPSNs) issued in 2010 by the Department of Social Protection. These are broken down by the nationality of the recipient. This statistic can be found under the Social Conditions theme.

Friendly Societies

23 December 2010

You can now find statistics on the number and categories of Friendly Societies, Industrial and Provident Societies, and Trade Unions which are registered with the Registrar of Friendly Societies. This entry can be found under the Social Conditions theme.

Is the weather we are having unusual?

22 December 2010

You can check the 30-year monthly and annual mean and extreme values for temperature from Met Éireann. Find the links to Weather Observations under the Climate theme.

Ports, Freight, Ships and Passengers

10 December 2010

Statistics on maritime activity at Irish ports and the activity of shipping lines operating from Irish ports now available from the Irish Maritime Development Office. Detailed information is presented on various aspects of maritime activity such as freight traffic by port and traffic corridor, the number of tourist passengers and cars by traffic corridor, market share of each operator and orders for new vessels by type. See this entry under the Transport theme.


01 December 2010

You can now find statistics on the number of cases referred to The Equality Tribunal under the Employment Equality, Pensions, and Equal Status Acts. Details are given on the type of referral, grounds for referral and ultimate outcome of the cases. This entry can be found under the Labour Market theme.

New Business Creation and Survival

01 November 2010

The Central Statistics Office provides information on business demography from their Business Register. The number of new enterprises started, persons engaged and employees in those birthed enterprises along with information on active enterprises is available on Database Direct. Enterprise survival from year to year is also provided. These statistics are linked from StatCentral under the Business Sector - Services theme.

On Probation

27 October 2010

StatCentral now links to statistics about The Probation Service. Information is available on the number of Court referrals, persons referred to the service, victim impact reports completed and various supervision orders made. A breakdown of assessment and supervision orders for young persons is also provided. This entry can be found under the Crime and Justice theme.

State of the Nation's Children

29 September 2010

Every two years the Office of the Minister for Children and Youth Affairs compiles a compendium of key indicators of children's well-being covering socio-demographics, children's relationships, children's outcomes in education and health, social, emotional and behavioural outcomes and formal and informal supports. Find the entry State of the Nation's Children under the Social Conditions theme.

All about Dogs

22 September 2010

Statistics are supplied on dogs by individual county councils. The information includes the number of licenses issued, fines issued, dogs seized, collected, re-homed and put to sleep. Check out the report from the Department of the Environment under the Environment theme.

Statistics from The Adoption Authority

22 September 2010

You can now find statistics on Irish adoption orders and analysis of placements and domestic adoption trends on StatCentral. This and information on foreign adoptions is available in the annual report of The Adoption Authority of Ireland and can be found under the Births, Deaths and Marriages theme.

New Building and Construction Inquiry

17 September 2010

The Building and Construction Inquiry was established in 2009, it is an annual survey and covers approximately 47,500 firms in the private (i.e. non-State) sector. It is a sample survey covering all enterprises and has wider coverage than the Census of Building and Construction which it replaces. Find details under the Business Sectors and Construction theme.

Statistics from The Courts Service

31 August 2010

StatCentral now links to statistics about the Supreme Court, Special Criminal Court, Court of Criminal Appeal, High Court, Circuit Court and District Court. Information is available on criminal, civil and family law, licensing and waiting times for court hearings and other aspects of the Courts Service. This entry can be found under the Crime and Justice theme.

Taking out Health Insurance

30 July 2010

Who takes out Private Health Insurance, reasons for not switching insurance provider and attitudes to health insurance. This and other information is available in a report compiled by the Health Insurance Authority. See this under the Health theme.

Chewing gum and ATM receipts

30 July 2010

Check out the extent, main causes and main constituents of litter pollution in Ireland. An annual survey is carried out by each Local Authority and a report is compiled for the Department of Environment, Heritage and Local Government. This statistic can be found under the Environment theme.

Accident Locations from RSA

20 July 2010

The Road Safety Authority website now shows the location of road accidents on a map. You can zoom in to your locality and check the incidence of collisions for each type of transport and pedestrians. The link to this geospatial facility can be found in the StatCentral entry for Road Collisions under the Transport theme.

Material Flow in the National Economy

16 July 2010

The CSO produces environmental accounts for Material Flows in the economy annually. These include domestic extraction of biomass, fossil fuels, metallic minerals and non-metallic minerals. The statistics are complied with data from the CSO, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Sustainable Energy Ireland (SEI). See the entry for Material Flow under the Environment theme.

Renewable Energy

17 June 2010

A further statistic is now linked from the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI). It covers renewable electricity, heat generation and transport energy such as biofuels. Progress to targets and contribution to overall energy consumption is reported.

Two new Energy statistics

14 June 2010

Find out about Ireland's electricity generation capacity, power station outputs and outages, peak electricity demands and wind generation. These statistics are all available from Eirgrid and linked on StatCentral. We have also linked to another report from Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) on electricity and gas prices and taxes for industrial and domestic consumers.

Companies, Culture and Bovine Diseases

29 April 2010

We have now loaded up links to the Companies Registration Office (CRO) statistics, these are listed under Finance. The numbers of visitors to our cultural institutions such as the National Museums of Ireland are supplied by the Department of Arts, Sport and Tourism. The Department of Agriculture, Fisheries & Food statistics on bovine brucellosis and tuberculosis are now linked, covering information on the number of reactors and the number of tests carried out.

Follow the CSO on Twitter

29 April 2010

You can now follow the Central Statistics Office on Twitter. Click on the link on the CSO home page or go directly to The headline for each new release is typically posted just after 11AM on the morning of the release. You can sign up to request mobile text messages for these headlines. Check with Twitter and your mobile operator for any charges which may apply.

Access to Statistics via Database Direct

26 January 2010

The CSO allows interactive access to statistics via its Database Direct service. Users can produce tailored tables, graphs and spreadsheets with this service. Three other state bodies host their statistics via the CSO Database Direct service - the Department of Environment and Heritage, Sustainable Energy Ireland and the Department of Education. In 2009 over 288,000 accesses were made to this service.

Statistics from the Department of Finance

04 December 2009 now links to more reports from the Department of Finance. Budgetary and Economic Statistics are available in an annual report with regular updates in the Monthly Economic Bulletin. Entries on Exchequer Statements and Accounts and National Debt link to the report on the detailed accounts of the Central Fund for the previous year, known as the Finance Accounts.

New links to Health, Transport and the Environment

27 October 2009

New links been added to for health, covering the National Cancer Registry, cigarette smoking from the Office of Tobacco Control and statistics on long-stay care units and nursing homes. For transport there are links to statistics on airport passenger movements from the CSO, air traffic from the Irish Aviation Authority and road collisions from the Road Safety Authority. Links are now provided to the Marine Institute marine observations database and to water quality and greenhouse gas emissions from the EPA.

Eight new statistics linked on

15 October 2009

Eight new statistics have been added to today. They range from statistics on the activities of Money Advice and Budgeting agency MABS to school attendance from the National Educational Welfare Board. Find out about our participation in sports and exercise with an entry from the Irish Sports Council in the Health section. In the section on Agriculture we now have links to meat, milk and milk products supply statistics along with agricultural absolute prices in the Prices section, all from the CSO.

New Classifications feature on

09 September 2009

For each statistic linked from we list the main classifications such as age, county and marital status. To help you locate classifications and their related statistics we now list the 1000+ classifications alphabetically by name, department/agency and statistical theme. Click on the Classifications tab above to check out this new feature.

New tables on Rail Transport now available

04 September 2009

New tables on Rail transport now available on CSO Main Dissemination Service - Database Direct. These tables provide detailed annual information on the number of passengers carried by type of rail service, the levels of freight transported by rail by type of commodity and summary data on rail traffic in Ireland. See the StatCentral entry on Transport Statistics and follow the databank link.

Changes in the QNHS from the Q1 release

13 August 2009

As of the first quarter of 2009 the Quarterly National Household survey (QNHS) is now undertaken on a calendar quarter basis. Up to and including the fourth quarter of 2008 the QNHS operated on a seasonal quarter basis since its establishment in Q4 1997. All main labour market time series have been recreated on a calendar quarter basis back to Q1 1998.

Over 200 statistics now linked from StatCentral

24 July 2009

The Official Statistics Portal StatCentral now links to over 200 statistics from government departments and agencies. The latest statistics to be included are Life and General Insurance statistics from the Financial Regulator, activity in Research and Development in Ireland from the CSO and Intellectual, Physical and Sensory Disability statistics from the Health Research Board. A further entry on the health theme is the activity in Acute Public Hospitals from the Health Service Executive, located on the ESRI website.

Introduction of New Industrial Activity Classification

16 July 2009

The latest CSO releases of Capital Assets in Industry, Production & Turnover and Industrial Stocks incorporate tables classified in accordance with the revised statistical classification of economic activities in the European Communities, i.e. NACE Rev. 2. The introduction of the NACE Rev. 2 classification has led to some significant sectoral changes to results by comparison with the previous NACE Rev. 1.1 results. For details on the main changes arising from the new activity classification, see the background notes in these publications.

Cannot find that statistic?

08 July 2009

First try using the Google Site Search facility at the top right hand side of each StatCentral page. This may reveal the statistics you need. If you have found a statistic entry which is in the area of the information you need, try emailing the Contact address to help you out. If you are still having difficulty finding the statistics then contact StatCentral via the Contact Us page or by emailing We will direct you to the appropriate website or organisation.

Latest Statistics Included on Statcentral

08 June 2009

Statistics on fires and fatalities caused by fires are sourced by StatCentral through the Department of Environment, Heritage and Local Government. The results for the national car test (NCT) and the number of radio licences are now linked from StatCentral. The Compendium of Agricultural Statistics which consists of tables covering the national economy and the agricultural economy is now also available through StatCentral.

StatCentral website usage statistics

12 May 2009

The StatCentral portal has been visited 34,000 times by 22,000 visitors since the beginning of 2009. The average visit length is five minutes with 20% of the visits identified as being from Ireland. Most activity occurs during the working week Monday to Friday between 10am to 5pm. The average time to serve a page from StatCentral is running at 0.7 seconds.

Eurostat new website layout

29 April 2009

Eurostat has recently changed its website layout. The new website provides simplification of the home page, consistent navigation and new data navigation tree and extraction tools. StatCentral has links from up to 80 statistics to Eurostat statistics for comparision purposes. We are currently updating these links to lead you to the appropriate locations in the new Eurostat layout.

Traffic, insurance and employment statistics

27 April 2009

StatCentral now links to An Garda Síochána statistics on traffic fatalities and offences. Also included is the public attitudes to An Garda Síochána Survey. Other recently documented statistics cover private motor insurance from the Financial Regulator and employment permits and redundancies from the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Employment.

New search and navigation features for StatCentral

20 April 2009

StatCentral now uses the Google site search engine to list the statistics you need. It provides better search results for queries on information contained in the StatCentral web site. For navigation via the themes on the left-hand side panel, we now list the statistics by department and agency. We hope these features improve your use of StatCentral and would welcome any ideas you may have on further improvements.

Education, Communication and Prosecution Statistics

02 April 2009

Awards statistics from the Further Education and Training Awards Council (FETAC) can now be located from StatCentral. Also see the three new entries for the Commission for Communications Regulation (ComReg) covering the electronic communications market, communications use by business and residential access to technology. Prosecution statistics for the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions are available within the Office annual report.

Number of births up by 40% since 1999

25 March 2009

There were 19,027 births registered in Ireland in quarter 2 of 2008, an annual birth rate of 17.2 per 1,000 population. This is an increase of 5,442 births (40%) on the same period in 1999 (60 additional births per day). The increase in the last year alone was 11%. These figures are contained in the Central Statistics Office's Vital Statistics Second Quarter 2008 report.

Popular downloads from CSO in February

13 March 2009

Once again the most popular download for the month from the CSO was Irish Baby Names. This was followed by downloads on the Consumer Price Index, Live Register, Quarterly National Household Survey, Vehicles Licensed for the First Time, Non-Irish Nationals Living in Ireland, Construction and Housing in Ireland. Use the StatCentral search facility above to find out more about these statistics.

Education Statistics Database Launched

06 March 2009

The Department of Education and Science launched a comprehensive Education Statistics Database on Friday 27th of February. The database contains detailed time series information on a range of education topics including primary, secondary and third level enrolment, teachers, pupil-teacher ratio, schools, expenditure on education, school transport and all other education information previously available in the Annual Statistical Report. Check these out through the databank links in StatCentral education entries for Schools, Teachers, Pupils and Students.

New statistics linked from StatCentral

04 March 2009

StatCentral now includes entries from the Central Applications Office (CAO) on Leaving Certificate applicants and from the State Examinations Commission on examination results. Entries from An Bord Altranais provide information on registered nurses and from the National Cancer Screening Service on their breast screening service. A new entry from the Department of Social and Family Affairs details the Personal Public Service Numbers issued each month.

Link to OECD Educational Statistics

15 January 2009

The Higher Education Authority entries on graduates and higher education now include links to the OECD educational statistics. The publication Education at a Glance: OECD Indicators provides a rich, comparable and up-to-date array of indicators on the performance of education systems across OECD countries.

New entries from the Department of Finance and CSO

13 January 2009

StatCentral now links to statistics from the CSO on Marriages, Health (QNHS Module), National Income and Expenditure, Supply and Use Tables and Input-Output Tables. A Department of Finance entry on Government Deficits and Debt Levels is also included. This entry links to the 6 monthly Maastricht Returns and the Eurostat Government Finance Statistics.

Most active day on the CSO web site

08 January 2009

The most active day in December 2008 on the CSO web site occurred on Wednesday 3rd. That day the CSO released the Live Register November 2008 and the Survey on Income and Living Conditions (SILC) in Ireland 2007. The most popular download throughout the month was the release on Irish Babies' Names 2007. launched

03 December 2008

The Official Irish Statistics Portal - StatCentral - has been launched Monday 3 December 2008 with a further 50 statistics from the Central Statistics Office and other government agencies. It now provides links to over 170 statistics with further entries to follow in the near future.