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StatCentral is the portal to Ireland's Official Statistics. It provides information about statistics produced by government departments and state organisations. The site is maintained by the Central Statistics Office (CSO).

StatCentral aims to strengthen and coordinate statistics across the public service. The portal supports the National Statistics Board's strategy of developing a whole-system approach for the Irish statistical system, involving all areas of the public sector where official statistics are produced. StatCentral has been launched with a range of official statistics from the CSO and other departments and agencies. We will be regularly adding to the list of statistics covered, with the ultimate aim of covering all official statistics. During this phase of the project particularly, we strongly encourage feedback on the features of the portal and suggestions for statistics to be included.

StatCentral is managed by Eoin McCuirc, CSO, who can be contacted by email at statcentral@cso.ie

StatCentral Portal Programme
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If you require assistance on technical matters relating to our web site, please contact egov@cso.ie