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In Ireland, official statistics are those produced by the Central Statistics Office (CSO), along with government departments, agencies and other state bodies. Most of these are available on the web through a variety of websites and formats. The StatCentral portal provides standard documentation on recurring official statistics and links to where they can be found.

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The menu on the left is laid out in themes (such as People and Society) and subthemes (such as Population). Select a subtheme to get a list of statistics, and select a statistic to go to the documentation page for that statistic. From there you can link directly to the source website that hosts the statistic.

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Our Latest News

How many active enterprises are in your county?

The CSO has recently published our latest Business Demography release, showing number of enterprises up 4.4% in 2015.

The detailed tables provide a breakdown of the numbers of active enterprises and newly birthed and ceased enterprises, classified by economic activity, employment size and legal form for 2015 and earlier years.

See the Business Demography StatCentral entry under our recently added Multisectoral theme.